Kids Fashion: Accessorizing the tiny tots

There are many aspects of fashion when it comes to kids. One of such criteria is accessories. In this modern era, there are many advancements and changes in this field. When we speak of Kids Fashion, it literally means how they are styled for the day to day occasions. Accessories are everyone’s favourites. But if you are aware of the current market trends, you will be aware that there aren’t as many options for adults as there are for the kids.

There are various ways of styling the kid through different accessories. There are Designer introductions too. Many variants are available for the same segment of accessories. Let us have a look at the different accessories made specifically for the kids.


  • These are every small girl’s favourites. Necklaces with beads and pearls look stunning. You also get the option of Floral Jewellery for the kids. Pendants and chains of different colours and shapes match up to any outfit. Online Shopping Websites have a variety of Barbie Jewellery collection. In this, we see Necklaces, Earrings, Pendants, and Bracelets and may more accessories with the touch of Barbie. And this is sure to attract all the doll lovers out there!!


  • Don’t be surprised if next time you see a small kid sporting a pair of stylish sunglasses and carrying it off like a pro!! Sunglasses for kids has widened its horizons by giving designer variants. Famous Brands that offer kids Sunglasses are Disney, Barbie, Babyhug. They often have sunglasses which cater to both, the girls as well as the boys. Apart from these, there are super-man and cartoons inspired collection also. Like Doreamon, Bheem collection, Super-man and iron-man collection, Marvel edition. Fisher price and Hopscotch are also quite famous among the kids. But while buying the sunglasses, only the quality should be considered. They shouldn’t hamper the eyes of the kids.


  • Yes, even the little one’s want to see the time!! When it comes to buying watches for kids, there are options with belts. Some have big dails while there are others with tiny ones. Some have the attraction of opening the dail and then see the time. The latest designs are from the Star-War series. This collection is inspired by Star-wars. Disney and Fantasy world are other brands that offer a great collection of kids watches. School going kids get to choose from simple leather watches which are allowed by the school norms. Apart from the material, the size of the dail, the colour of the watches attracts the kids the most.


  • This is for the pretty little girls. They often wish to accessorize their hair. Hair-Bands are the new trendsetters. Beaded and Floral collection is sure to mesmerize the kids with its prettiness. There are various materials used to make these. Hair-bands can be of simple cloth elastic material or the hard one. Babyhug is one of the famous brands that offers colorful hair-band styles. Some are simple with just a bow on the top of a black elastic band. Apart from Hair-bands, there are hair-clips and rubber bands too. Hair-clips have fruits and butterflies on them. Some have glitter on them, and others are simple, colourful clips that complement each dress. Rubber bands have flowers on them. A Recent addition is of beaded rubber bands.


  • More than just protecting from the harsh rays of the sun, caps have also become a fashion statement for the kids. There were times when only one type of caps was available, the one’s which had the name of the school on it. Now we get caps with prints of superheroes, Barbie’s, Cartoon characters and much more. You also get traveling caps which have a huge round which provides shade to the entire face. Some caps come with an elastic material but this should be avoided for the kids as they have very sensitive skin can use of such materials can irritate their skin.


  • School bags have been re-created. There are school bags of vibrant colors and huge prints. The materials are water proof, and hence the kid can use it without any worry even in the drenching rains! Many television ads showcase School bags which are inspired by cartoon characters. Girls get to doll up using Hand bags and purses of all shapes like cars, balls, dolls. Stuffed Hand-bags are also liked by the kids due to its fluffiness and cuteness. Now they longer cry for their mother’s purse because they have their own tiny little hand bag which can be used as a multipurpose accessory.


  • The boys get to dress up in fancy ties and belts which make them look even more smart and formal as per the occasion.

To summarize the above, Accessories contributes equally to other fashion do’s when it comes to Kids fashion. You can choose mediums like the local market, the nearby Shopping mall or adopt the most convenient of all- the online shopping way!!

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