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Loom Footwear: A Waterproof Sneaker Review!

If you often wonder what makes a good outdoor, travel or cruise shoe, it has to be a shoe’s versatility. Does that mean carrying a whole dozen of shoes to serve those purposes though? Well, while that might be the case, this is usually impractical when trying to minimize your luggage for travel convenience and or adhere to weight restrictions and guidelines.

But what if you could carry just two pairs of multipurpose shoes that would tick all the boxes…and more?

While there are lots of versatile shoes out there, they are mostly lacking in one particular area that takes out all the fun out of the versatility, being waterproof. Being waterproof is crucial because water from rain or elsewhere is pretty much an element that is hard to avoid in pretty much every country.

Introducing Loom Waterproof Footwear…

Loom Waterproof Footwear is the creators of a highly-versatile sneaker, which they have made waterproof!

There’s no debate about the benefits of a waterproof sneaker on a rainy day, walking on shallow puddles or on a potentially wet and muddy hike.

The shoes are not only stylish enough for city walking, they are also great for hiking and able to withstand a number of nature’s toughest elements.

When it comes to lightweight and comfort, you can be sure they can guarantee that as well. That makes the shoes both easy to pack and easier to wear all day without causing sore feet.

All these features make Loom Footwear the perfect shoe for travel and navigating the larger outdoors. Let’s take a closer look at the features that make these shoes a must have.

Features of Loom Footwear

Breathable and Lightweight

Loom Footwear sneakers are made from materials that are great at absorbing and releasing moisture. This is one key feature of any shoe regardless of how or where you intend to use them, because your feet remain dry. The lightweight feature is also beneficial as it reduces foot fatigue which in turn keeps you going all day.

Having put Loom Footwear sneakers to the test by going on a nature trail with lots of muddy puddles, rocky terrain and some errands in the city without changing the shoes, we can safely say the sneakers passed the test without any muddy scuffs. The best part is that our feet were kept dry at all times having finished the intended tasks and more importantly, minus the fatigue.

Unsurprisingly, the mud and dirt were easy to rinse off with water just under a tap, making the shoe ready to go again!

Inbuilt Comfort

Loom shoes are perfectly engineered with a cushion system that allows you to be at full and max comfort when wearing them. This is down to a perfect blend of the shoe’s 4-stretch Merino wool interior and lined cushion paired with an Excelcast sole.

For busy commuters and sporty people, you will be glad to hear the sneakers are absolutely easy to slip on and off without the need to lace them, with the tongue forming a part of the shoe. This makes sure your feet are well protected from shoe laces rubbing against your feet, keeping you fresh and comfortable all day.

Moisture-Wicking and Antibacterial Properties

If you have ever walked in wet or damp smelling shoes, then you already know how irritating that is. With the Loom sneakers, you will never have to worry about that. That is because the shoes are made with antibacterial and moisture-wicking properties to protect your feet from bacteria and wet odour so they don’t smell after wearing them. After a six week period of testing through light hikes that include stepping into lots of puddles, the shoes still smell brand new thanks to these properties.

Environmental Friendly Materials

Any environmentally conscious person will be glad to know that the Loom Footwear company is one of the few manufacturers that do their best to reduce the carbon footprint. The sneakers are also made with cruelty-free materials. Furthermore, the company also prides themselves in partnering with some of the most eco-friendly farms in the world. The Merino wool used in their shoe is harvested from Merino sheep through vegan shearing techniques to make sure the animal is protected during the process. The Merino wool forms a lined cushion in the shoe which reduces foot pressure as you wear them. This lets you walk, jog or hike comfortably without feeling as though your feet are well unsupported.

High Function and Flexibility

Loom Waterproof sneakers are the ultimate shoes adapted to both the city-life and outdoor adventures. Their stylish and appealing design, coupled with the high quality and uniquely engineered build of the waterproof shoes means you only need a single pair to tackle any day.

At first glance, these shoes will easily pass for dress sneakers while in the outdoors, visiting friends etc. They also double up as high-performance durable athletic shoes on your next adventure up the hill or jog within the neighborhood. Despite what they go through, the sneakers are still pretty easy to clean. The outer coating of the shoe is designed to tackle and repel stains, and be easy to clean away the dirt using water.


These sneakers are awesome regardless of what you use them for while staying true to value. Even though these sneakers are made of mesh, they are impressively 100% waterproof. If you are looking for a sneaker that you can wear all day in all weather conditions, puddles and terrains, without risking damage, all while keeping your feet dry, this is easily the best pick of the bunch!

Shoemeter:9/10 Highly Recommended

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