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Popular Gate Designs For Homes And Public Places

If you have a large home and are looking for suitable front entrance gate designs, there are many options, not just with design, also with materials. There are no off-the-shelf solutions with entrance gates, rather they would be made-to-measure, designed and fabricated off-site and installed by a team of professionals. If you are looking to revamp your property entrance, here are a few common gate designs you might like to consider.

  • Single Sliding Gate– Verypopular for wide spans, the single sliding gate only requires space on one side, and there are several materials that can be used to make sliding gates. Timber, steel, or a combination of both can be used to create attractive and effective gating. With automation, you have state-of-the-art security that acts as a deterrent to would-be thieves. The experienced automatic gate installers in your area do know their stuff and with bespoke solutions, the entrance will be in keeping with the property.
  • Side Hinged – Double Opening Inwards– Thetraditional style of the English country mansion, the gates could be either hardwood or wrought iron. There are many variables to take into account when designing a large set of gates; weight and span, plus the natural terrain of the land. When you approach a custom gate company, they can show you many designs, including wooden electric gates, and offer professional advice when requested. Once the design is complete, the company can quote for the project.
  • Single Side Hinged Gate– Thedesign might be limited by the span and by using light materials, it is possible to have a single side hinged gate. Wrought iron looks great in a rural environment and it might be necessary to install a ground rail to support the gate. With electric operation, you can enjoy hi-tech solutions.
  • Retractable Gating– Notusually seen in residential settings, the retractable gates automatically fold inwards, and with wheels every few feet, you have a smooth operation. Typically made from steel or aluminium, there is a central section with twin openings to allow pedestrians access and that can be operated independently for convenience.

The Importance Of Professional Installation

The installation is every bit as crucial as the gates themselves and when you deal with a reputable gate company, you receive first class service that starts with design and ends with an invite to inspect the finished installation. You would be assigned a contract manager who ensures a smooth fabrication and installation process, and with a long product warranty, your new electric gates will be a major feature of the property for a long time.

Online Solutions

Finding the leading custom gate company is much easier with a Google search and with their expertise, your new gates will look like they belong. You can start the ball rolling by looking at some previous projects when on the gate firm’s website. When you are ready to make contact, an appointment can be scheduled and a technician will pay you a visit at home.

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