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Your Guide to Solar Panels, Houston

You have recently checked your utility bills and you’re not happy about how much you’re paying for electricity.

Houston has 204 days of sun which you can leverage to power your home by installing solar panels. The number of Houston residents opting to use solar power has surged due to the need to use cleaner and sustainable energy.

With global warming on the rise, the fight against fossil fuels has gained momentum. As a result, installing solar panels in Houston comes with attractive incentives such as federal tax credits and rebates. There has never been a better time to install solar panels than now.

Below are some pointers to help understand the benefits you get by installing solar panels in Houston.

Property Tax Exception

Solar power increases the value of your home. If your home increases in value that also means that the amount you pay for property tax increases.

However, an increase in the value of your home attributed to solar panel installation is tax exempted. This is a huge incentive to go solar, especially if you’re considering selling your home soon. You get a return on your investment by selling the house at a higher price.

Enjoy Federal Tax Credit

Solar panel installation attracts a 26 percent tax credit of the total cost incurred. But, it’s projected the rate will go down to 22 percent. Therefore, don’t wait for too long if you’re on the verge of having PV systems installed in your home.

Net Metering

Electricity generated by solar panels can at times exceed the consumption of the household. Utility companies have programs that reward homeowners who generate surplus electricity.

The amount of kilowatt-hour not consumed is taken to the grid then the cost gets deducted from your power bill. But, the conditions of net metering depend on varying utility companies.

Avoid Power Outages

Solar panels give you the benefit of enjoying power connection when the national grid experiences a power outage. Imagine you’re in an important zoom meeting, then the power goes off unannounced. It can be frustrating especially if you rely on internet connectivity to work.

Reduced Energy Bills

Solar panels can slash the cost of your monthly energy bill expenditure by almost half. In the long haul, the amount of money saved will be significant enough to validate the installation of solar panels. By using solar panels, you are leveraging the sun, which is a free resource.

Contribute to Reducing Carbon Footing

Traditional sources of electricity rely on burning coal and fossil fuels to generate electricity. Harmful gases emitted into the environment contribute to air pollution and respiratory diseases. Using solar power, which is clean and greener, leads the fight to reduce carbon footing in the environment.

Take Advantage of Solar Panels in Houston and Save Money

The benefits outlined above show that installing solar panels in Houston can be a great return on your investment. Not only do you slash your electricity bill, but also you protect the environment against degradation caused by fossil fuels. Make the right decision and turn towards a more environmental-friendly energy solution.

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