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Hairdos are something which holds an important position in every fashion era. No matter whether you are looking into Victorian ages or 1900s or 2000s, it has a trademark on all. Styling is a fashionably infectious disease if once bitten can cripple down as a hereditary gift from our ancestors and within a fashion enclave, various hairdos play a pivotal role in men’s life. Especially hair styling is something that one gets to see it everywhere. Starting from glamorous world to musical industries, from aromatic canteen kitchen to the grass covered ground you get to see different hair styles which are attracting spectators. Men and their taste in hairdos have always mesmerized women’s eyes and also haven’t spared other men to follow it.

Nostalgic hairdos

1900s, always consider as golden era in various film industries and music industries, when the world was going gaga over Elvis Presley’s signature rock and roll style along with his quiff-pompadour which was also breaking the ground of classic hairdo, in the mean timeShammi Kapoor of Bollywood for his imitation of same hairstyle as Presley’s, he began to be known as Bollywood’s Presley. The hair style during the beginning of the 1900s was always slick, blackened hair where the hair is parted on one side. The actors such as Tony Curtis, Gary Cooper, and Sir Roger Moore were always seen in their gentlemen style hair look. Gradually when the rock music began to invade the music industry along with the old theme of music, it invaded the style too. Black men with long hairs were seen on the stages enchanting with high voltage performances. Yes, it reminds of Bob Marley and his gypsy style long hair with crochet braids. Not only in the western world, but India’s Bollywood too show off its different hairdos in a flamboyant way, and one such example is veteran Indian actor Amitabh Bachchan’s sideburns influenced the youth of India so much so that in every alley and every house side burn became the hot cake.

Flattering hairdos

Till date, different hairstyles from different glamorous industries were storming the world with its eye-dazzling beauty of it. Actors and the rock stars were the ones who were showing off their hairdo, and then a new introduction of different hairstyles was done to a very high adrenaline rush sport – football. The balanced blend of Faux and Mohawk style was boastfully displayed by well-known sorcerer player David Beckham and Debauchery’s hipster cut. Thus the ground has been evident of both the marvelous game by the players and the hairdos which range from skunk chic to faux hawk. Perfect hairstyles are seen on the ground. Gradually, it is spreading to other sports also like nowadays Indian cricketer ViratKohli has been seen flaunting his different styles. Even today the Hollywood male actors’ swag their look by adopting the old classic Hollywood Gatsby cut. Turn the focus on Curtis Stone the celebrity chefs and his spike hairdo can delight not only your stomach but also the eyes. Thus men and their styling feature never leave them anywhere and whoever they become thus formula is reinventing old styles in a new way, blending one or two to make a new one. The fashionable hairdos are bragged by the youth, generation after generation. A decade will come and go washing off its old styles, bringing the new one, but just like change the craziness for hair styling will always be constant. For men hair being one of the essential grooming parts, styling hair cannot be outmoded anytime.

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