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The Top Reasons to Use Knee Pillows

Side sleeping is popular with many adults. However, this can lead to pressure on the knees, hips, and back. A knee pillow can help side-sleepers relieve stress by allowing better sleep. The best pillows are made from memory foam to retain their shape during sleep, allowing maximum support. Keep reading this blog to learn the reasons why you need knee pillows. 

They Improve Blood Circulation and Hip Alignment during Pregnancy

Pregnancy exerts pressure on the body, and it’s critical to maintain the correct posture to ensure the safety of the unborn child and the mother. Ideally, experts recommend pregnant women to sleep on their side, preferably the left side, to allow optimum blood flow. Knee pillows help distribute pressure to the upper thigh, to ultimately align the knees to your spine and hips for more relaxed and balanced lower body pressure, leading to comfortable nights.

Moreover, proper sleeping posture is where your shoulders, ears, and hips are aligned. A knee pillow provides the correct posture to keep the upper leg in line with your spine. To ensure proper sleeping posture, you can pull your knees slightly up towards the chest when side sleeping. By separating and raising your knees, knee pillows help promote better blood flow in the lower body. A suitable neck pillow needs to accompany this to achieve a relaxed and comfortable night’s sleep.

They Help Reduce Lower Back and Knee Pain

Probably you have felt discomfort while sleeping as your knees rub together. Knee pillows are perfect sleeping partners as they lessen the stress from stacking knees. They evenly distribute pressure build-up on your knees to your thighs to help you sleep better, offering pain relief from aches and pains. Additionally, when suffering from sciatica, a knee pillow can help alleviate this pain as it slightly opens the hip and leg, thus reducing pressure on sciatic nerves. 

Knee pillows also promote better spine alignment during sleep. Without one, the upper knee can rest atop the lower knee, causing spine misalignment with your hips. Also, side sleep can cause hip rotation, leading to pain. With a pillow between the knees, you promote the spine to rest in a neutral position. This helps to avoid neck, joint, and back pain.

They are great for Easy Breathing

When using pillows for knees, it automatically aligns your spine, thus opening air paths. This enables people to breathe better during sleep and is recommended for those with such challenges. Also, some people wake up numb in parts of their body, and the pillows can prevent this. With the cushion in place, there’s normal blood circulation. Also, when you suffer from sleep apnea, knee pillows can help. The condition closes the throat temporarily, causing breathing difficulties. With a knee pillow, your head is in line with the body to keep the airway open. It means you’ll snore less to get better sleep.


With a good night’s sleep, you wake up re-energized and refreshed. This will improve your mood to prepare you for the day’s task. Therefore, when you feel restless as you wake up, you can consider purchasing pillows for your knees.

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