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Top Repair And Maintenance Tips That Your AC Needs

The maintenance of air conditioners is essential for the preservation of the device and the health of the household. Air conditioners in the area you live in must be regularly cleaned and maintained so that the air is of the best possible quality. Air conditioners, i.e. their filters, coils, and fins, require regular maintenance in order to function efficiently and effectively during their long-term operation. Poor maintenance and neglect lead to a constant decline in the quality of air conditioning operations while energy consumption is constantly increasing. The next, but no less important reason for regular maintenance of air conditioners is hygiene. Air conditioners are a pleasant environment for mold, fungi, and many other bacteria, which are blown into your space during the operation of air conditioners. Do not hesitate to ensure clean and fresh air because air conditioners must be cleaned regularly. Therefore, we summed up some top repair and maintenance tips for your AC. 

Changing your filters regularly 

When it comes to air conditioners, the most important chore is to replace and clean the filters on a regular basis. Filters that are dirty or closed obstruct natural airflow and diminish system efficiency dramatically. When air bypasses the filter, dirt might be transferred directly into the spiral bend, reducing the heat absorption capacity. Air conditioning energy usage can be reduced by 5% to 15% by replacing a filthy filter with a clean one. The filters for central air conditioners are normally found anywhere along the return channel. Filters are commonly found in walls, ceilings, stoves, and the air conditioner itself.

Some filters are multiple (i.e., they can be used numerous times), whereas others must be replaced. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, as well as varying levels of efficiency. During the cooling season, clean or change the filters once a month or twice. If air conditioners are used more frequently, the filters will need to be cleaned more frequently. Air conditioners must be cleaned much more frequently if they are in severely dusty environments or if you have pets. If you want to clean your air conditioner without hiring a professional, all you have to do is unplug it, open the lid, and remove the filters supplied for cleaning.

The AC won’t stop working

In some cases, a common occurrence when it comes to ACs might be that your conditioner is running constantly. Unfortunately, this only increases your electricity bills during the long summer while it also creates unnecessary air pollution, which can drive you crazy. However, it is worth mentioning that there might be several reasons why your AC is running all the time, and fixing those problems can change it. For starters, the size of your air conditioner might be one of the reasons for your air conditioner constantly running, or, in other words, if your air conditioner is too tiny for the room, its capacity will be insufficient, causing it to work harder. This not only puts additional strain on your AC but also on your power bill, and other parts may wear out sooner as a result. Second, your filters may be clogged, and as stated in the preceding paragraph, replacing your filters is something you can do yourself (you don’t need to engage a professional for the work), and it should be done on a regular basis—especially during hot seasons.

Thirdly, because the evaporator and condenser coils are exposed to the outside environment, the air handling unit might gather up dust and grime, lowering the condenser’s performance. When an evaporator coil or condenser is unclean, it cannot absorb properly, creating only hot air as a product. 

Also, think of the placement of the thermostat. It should be in a place where it can pick up the right temperature, or maybe the compressor is not like it used to be and might need some fixing. 

Make sure the fins are not bent or broken

Evaporators and condensers with aluminum fins might reduce cooling and heating efficiency. Excess moisture can ruin your walls and impair your health, and condensate drains can diminish the performance of air conditioners in removing moisture. Therefore, make sure the fins are not bent, or something didn’t get stuck in them. Sometimes, replacing them may also be a solution to your problem. 

One final piece of advice we’d like to offer is to make sure the outside of your AC is clean as well. If the external environment is dusty, external capacitors can become exceedingly dirty. It is necessary to employ a specialist to clean the external capacitors.

When air conditioners require more than just cleaning internal filters on a regular basis, we recommend hiring a professional whose duty is to take care of your AC system and make it run smoothly. Regular maintenance of air conditioners is necessary for many reasons, both hygienic and economic. For thorough cleaning, air conditioners require experts. Therefore, do not hesitate to call someone as you’ll preserve the longevity of your AC.

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