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Who is bill burr’s wife? Here’s all about Nia hill.

Here is an interesting article about an elegant lady who is the wife of bill burr, Nia Renee Hill. They are many controversial are popping up in the internet. These famous couples had a good of relationship between them.

Let’s know more about bill burr and his wife Nia hill

Who is bill burr and his wife Nia Hill?

Here is a quick data about bill burr

Occupation: American stand-up comedian, podcaster famous for his acerbic observational humour and an actor.

Birth history: June 10,1968

Net worth: $12 million as per the internet data.

Bill burr was dating Nia hill for years and officially exchanged their rings on September,2013.

Now here’s about bill burr’s wife Nia hill,

nameNia Renee Hill
age44 years old for now
Birthday and yearJune 2nd, 1978
Spouse nameBill burr
Net worth$1.2 million includes her husband’s net worth
OccupationActress, writer, producer and a director
Zodiac signGemini

Nia’s acting and career:

Questions have been raised among people that “is bill burr’s wife is an actress?” here is an answer for it

Nia hill who is born in los Angeles, USA. She started her job in acting and now she’s one of a well-recognised Actress in the states. She also well known as ex-wife of bill burr.

Hill made her first debut in the year 2009

Here are some of the Nia’s work in acting:

  • Nia first starred in 2009 as Rhonda in “Carpool”
  • Tasha Smyth in “Lila, long distance” – a TV series about a successful woman.
  • “Did you look for work this week?”
  • In 2017, she made her debut in Netflix and did two episodes in “Santa Clarita”
  • In 2013, she acted in Divorce: a love story”
  • F is for Family-has six episodes

Nia also sometimes appeared and spoke as couples in burr’s podcast, named as the “Morning Monday Podcast”.

And more over she was also the co-creator of the comedy web series “You Welcome”.

Hill also has written articles for the blog called “I never thought I would end up here but here I am: my life as a ‘kept woman’’

Nia hills family and his children:

As mentioned above, Nia and bill got married in the year 2013.

They welcomed their first girl child on 2017 and named her as “Lola”.

Nia gave birth to her son whose name is not mentioned anywhere in the social media, born on 2020 posting a beautiful selfie with her new born son in social media

For now, her daughter is 5 years old and her son is 2 years old. There’s no proper image or picture of her daughter and son.

Hill’s Instagram and you tube:

Nia hill has quite active person in social media’s like twitter, Instagram and you tube.

Here is Nia Hills Instagram ID: @niasalterego

She has recognized has a celebrity with blue tick mark with follower of 55.3k and posted 16 images in her page.

She has recently posted and wished for her love of life bill burr in the Instagram. This shows they have a very good bond between them.

Nia and comedian bill once got a dog which was a pit bull breed in 2018 but then it was passed in 2022.

Nia has her own you Tube channel where most of her clips are burr’s video, shows, promos and her interviews 

Nia always supported burr’s career and enhanced and cherished his life with a son and a daughter. He also stated about his wife and his kid while having an interview with jimmy “she gave me a beautiful baby boy, so I got a daughter and a son now, and its awesome”

Nia also back fired a tweet about her husband is racist and she retweet and gave an absolute reply. And here it goes.

Nia hill tweeted back saying “bitch, shut the f*** up”.

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