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5 Tips for Having a Quick Brazilian Butt Lift Recovery

One of the best reasons for a Brazilian butt lift is that you get to come out of surgery with a perkier derriere–and it’s all legal! Yet, because you come out of surgery with a new bottom does not mean you are ready for physical activity.

After your procedure, you need to follow the proper Brazilian butt lift recovery protocol. It helps to prevent complications and get the most out of the procedure.

If you’ve decided to get the Brazilian butt lift and want to ensure a smooth surgery recovery, keep reading to learn more about post-surgery protocols.

1. Follow Postoperative Instructions

Understand the details about your recovery period and instructions from the surgeon before your butt lift. Make sure to practice proper hygiene and keep the area clean and dry.

Cut swelling and bruising by taking medication and following the surgeon’s directions. Avoid any physical activities or strenuous exercise during the recovery period.

Wear supportive garments or bandages as instructed. You must also take frequent cold and warm showers to aid in healing.

To ensure a successful result and a quick and successful recovery, trust the surgeons for a Brazilian butt lift at Plastic Surgery Institute of Washington.

2. Take Prescribed Medications as Directed

Taking your prescribed medications as directed is essential for a quick Brazilian butt lift recovery. Start taking pain medication before the anesthetic wears off to stay one step ahead of the pain.

Take enough to decrease your discomfort, but don’t take more than the recommended doses, as this can further exacerbate your pain. Additionally, use anti-inflammatories to reduce the swelling and ensure the best possible outcome. 

3. Wear Compression Garments

These garments help support the new shape of your derriere. It should be worn for the first month and a half following your procedure. Compression garments help circulate the lymphatic fluid.

It helps the healing process and reduces swelling. Furthermore, they will help keep your back and glutes in the correct position to place the transferred fat properly.

These garments can help reduce uncomfortable sensations and the chances of infection or bruising. 

4. Avoid Sitting or Lying Directly on Your Buttocks

To ensure quick recovery, you should cushion your seat and keep pillows nearby, protecting your buttocks when seated. You may also need to sleep elevated on your back or stomach, depending on the condition of your buttocks.

It is also beneficial to refrain from well-intensive exercise. This can overwork the operated areas.

By following these tips, you can have a successful downtime and create a speedy recovery.

5. Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle

After the process, it’s even more essential to be sure you’re taking care of yourself. Avoid smoking and drinking alcohol for 6 to 8 weeks following the surgery to promote better healing.

Eating plenty of vegetables and fruits, as well as lean proteins, will help you stay healthy and help you heal faster.  After the 4-week mark, you can slowly incorporate more complex movements like light weightlifting into your routine. Do the right exercises, and do not overdo it.

Have a Quick Brazilian Butt Lift Recovery

It is important to be mindful of your recovery process after receiving a Brazilian butt lift. Following your doctor’s pre and post-operative recommendations and avoiding activities that place strain on your buttocks can help speed up the recovery process.

Remember to take the time to heal and follow through with the necessary steps to ensure a safe and successful Brazilian butt lift recovery. If you have any concerns or questions, reach out to your doctor.

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