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Cheap Healthy Food for College Students

College is a time when you desperately need everything cheap: cheap clothes, cheap writing help, cheap room and cheap food. Unfortunately, there is a big chance to find something quality if it costs big money. Still, a small chance to buy good products and do not become bankrupt also exists. In this article, let’s see what food is both cheap and healthy.


Apples contain fiber, pectin and a lot of vitamin A. They are useful for improving memory (students will need it!) and reduce cholesterol levels (it’s too early to think about it at 20, but it’s very important). They also clean your teeth if you eat them in one piece, rather than cutting them with a knife into a salad.


Bananas contain vitamins C and E, as well as potassium. They help calm the nervous system, so students should eat at least one fruit during exams. They are also very sweet and can be used to replace sugar in dishes.


Tomatoes contain antioxidants and beta-carotene. They are very useful to improve immunity and protect against infection. But they are also often allergic to them, so be careful with this product!


Garlic contains almost all B vitamins as well as calcium, iron, magnesium and other trace elements. Of course, this is not the kind of vegetable that everyone is ready to eat raw with bread, but it is very fragrant, so it is perfect as a seasoning. Add it to different dishes to increase your immunity, especially during the cold season.


The paste contains a lot of fiber and amino acids. This means that it is very well absorbed and gives a lot of energy (if you don’t have enough strength, eat the paste!). And also this product causes serotonin increases, which literally makes us happier. The biggest myth about pasta is that it makes us fat. In fact, it is a healthy food, which is also universal: half of the Italian cuisine is pasta, just every new recipe changes the sauce for it.


Rice contains a lot of potassium, so it is good for the heart. Like pasta, it is a universal product, because it has not much taste and is perceived differently, depending on what other food to combine it with.  Even desserts are made from it!


Natural white Greek yogurt is a source of phosphorus and amino acids. It has a good effect on the digestive system, but only if you buy it without additives and sugar. If you have immediately lost interest in the product after this phrase, do not worry: natural yogurt is cheaper and more universal for cooking. And if you want a sweet dessert made of it, just add some fruit!  Unfortunately, none of the yogurt recipes is suitable for students who are allergic to lactose. But you can look for lactose-free yogurts.


Eggs contain choline. They have a very good effect on nerves (hello again!) and vision (aren’t you sitting at the computer too often, gentlemen students?). Among other advantages of eggs is that they can be stored for quite a long time (a month in the fridge) and super fast to cook. And when you’re tired of eggs for breakfast, try adding them to a sandwich and life will be more interesting again.


Oats have long been known as the best breakfast. It contains a lot of fiber and complex carbohydrates, so it is well absorbed and gives energy for the whole day. To make oatmeal more delicious, add your favorite fruits to it and eat with pleasure before a long studying day.

Frozen Vegetables

What exactly the frozen vegetables contain depends on what is in the mixture. But they will be very useful in any case. And they are also convenient in cooking: just rinse the mixture in a pan, and the food is ready. 

And more complex recipes with these products are described below. 

What Can I Cook With All This Food?

All goods are nicely combined with each other. Oats is a wonderful healthy breakfast. Try to combine it with apples, bananas and/or yogurt.

If you mix yogurt and eggs and then fry it, you will get a tasty omelet, and it also is preferable for breakfast. Just take the unsweetened yogurt, and everything will be worked out.

Eggs plus frozen vegetables is a different kind of omelet, healthy and delicious one.

Rice and pasta are great bases for tasty and nutritious dinner. Boil it and then mix with anything you want, for example, fresh tomatoes. Also, you can grind these vegetables, add some salt and garlic and have a simple Italian Pomodoro sauce or try the robust inspired tomato sauce vs hearty marinara sauce. And if you blend rice, frozen vegetables and soy sauce (we did not have it in the list, but it is cheap like everything else in it), you will get a healthy Chinese meal made on your own.

And if you would not mind spending a little more time, with yogurt, eggs and powdered oats you can cook sweet and juicy pancakes.

As you can see, there are a lot of combinations with our list only, and you can be sure that this is not a full list of cheap healthy food and definitely not a full list of combinations. So try it, experiment with not spending much money and stay fit!

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