Christmas Shopping Tips for Foster Kids – More for Less!

There is always something so exciting about the Christmas holidays as they approach, until you stop to think about all the shopping you have left to do! This year, we can make it easy for you to lighten an otherwise heavy load. Even though we’re just weeks out from that much-anticipated holiday, there are ways to get amazing deals if you know where and how to look.

Don’t Bypass the 2 for 1 Deals

So many times, we inadvertently pass up on those amazing 2-for-1 deals that you would have loved to take advantage of at the beginning of the school year. Two of the same shirts, for example, isn’t a bad buy because you can get two different colours. Did you know that you can also get different sizes as long as it has the same stock/item number? Choose the first shirt in one colour and size and the second in a totally different size and colour. It works great for those kids who love clothes and are looking forward to this year’s style trends. This is the best way to get the latest trends that would be out of your reach financially for some of the most popular designer fashions.

Memberships and Special Deals

Many shopping sites will give you a sign-up discount, sometimes up to 50% (or more) off your first order. They ask you to provide an email address so they can notify you when new specials arrive. Some consumers open a second email account so that they have all these offers in the same place. It really will make life so much easier, especially when those new offers are just what you’ve been needing!

In fact, as a foster parent you will also gain access to literally hundreds of extra benefits and rewards programmes you can use for getting the best deals on the latest trends. Just check out for your location to see all the deals open to you and your kids. You really want to get great presents for those kids who are counting on Santa’s arrival. So, why not take advantage of the rewards and benefits especially suited for them?

Family Packages for Major Attractions

What about a family trip to Disneyland Paris? What a magical gift that would be! Even with that generous allowance for fostering, a trip like that could be a bit more than you can afford but it’s something you really want to do for them. This year let’s make that happen! With a family package deal, you can take the entire family for a weekend trip and at the cost of maybe only one or two tickets for those days. 

In fact, if you are a savvy shopper, you might even find hotel discounts that correspond with the dates you intend to travel. Put a photo of Disneyland Paris in a box and wrap it. Watch their faces as they realise what Santa has brought. The joy will be overflowing. There really are so many ways to do more for less. Just bring out the savvy in you, and you’ll know how to shop.

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