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Creating a Luxurious Look for Your Bathroom

People previously viewed bathrooms as practical—a place to do personal hygiene. But today, bathrooms are more stylish, with some homeowners ensuring that their bathroom is a relaxing space. Thus, homeowners try to reorganise, renovate, or do a complete bathroom makeover to make it look more spacious and luxurious without spending too much.

You can do several things to make your bathroom more elegant and luxurious. For example, you can use paint and lighting and add bathroom accessories, furniture, and fixtures. Here are several tips to help with your bathroom renovation or organisation.

Make a freestanding bath your focal point

With some organisation and renovation, you can have space in your bathroom for a stand alone bath. Bathtubs today come in different sizes, shapes, and colours, so you can find a bath that suits the size of your bathroom and complement the room’s interior décor. If you have a tub in a basic colour, you already have a focal point. You can enhance the other elements in your bathroom by choosing a more elegant bath that would complement your vanities and sink to create a more unified look. A bathtub with a more imposing colour, such as bright white, stark black, or navy blue, could bring more life to the room.

Install elegant lighting

You can create a relaxing yet luxurious environment in your bathroom with elegant lighting. You should check trusted shops first to find the perfect lighting for the bathroom. It is possible to find beautiful ones that are not very costly. Even if your bathroom is small and can only accommodate a freestanding bathtub 1500mm, you can give the illusion of space and luxury with pin lights highlighting the bathtub and other particular elements in the room.

Add a freestanding sink

If you already have a freestanding bathtub, why don’t you echo its elegance with a freestanding sink? It can be a simple change, but it will extend the luxurious and elegant look. Moreover, a freestanding sink is a space saver, giving any bathroom more space.

Install vanities                                                                                                                                      

You can immediately elevate the look of your bathroom with vanities. Some years back, bathroom vanities were often freestanding on the floor, installed near the sink and other available space. Today, aside from looking more fashionable and stylish, you can mount your vanities on the bathroom walls. Therefore, you utilise those valuable areas and have more storage space. Further, you free up space on the floor, giving you more room to move.

Use complementary linens and towels

You can up the ante with towels and linens that complement the distinct colours of your bathroom. It will give a more cohesive and elegant look to the room. Moreover, you add just the right touch, whether you want a sense of relaxation and cleanliness with white or brighter-coloured towels and linens or allow your bathroom to provide a sense of peace with darker colours.

You can do plenty of things to make your bathroom look luxurious and elegant. But it will be better to research before adding items to your bathroom. Otherwise, you should consult a professional to reorganise or renovate to achieve the look you want.

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