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8 Common Errors in Hiring Solar Installers and How to Avoid Them

Installing solar is less expensive than you think. But you want to ensure you hire the best in the business. Otherwise, you may need to spend your money wisely.

Thousands of solar professionals help homeowners and businesses solve their energy problems yearly. If you want to save money and make a greener choice for your family or business, a solar installation is an excellent choice. Of course, you want to avoid making common mistakes while finding a solar installer.

Are you considering installing a solar system but are concerned about making the wrong choice? Here are the eight common errors in hiring solar installers and how to avoid them.

1. Not Researching the Company

Hiring the wrong solar installer can be very costly. One of the most common mistakes companies make is not researching the company they are hiring. Many companies base their decisions on price and not on the quality of the solar installer.

To avoid making this mistake, companies should take the time to look into the company’s background and reputation. This can be done by talking to others in the industry, reading online reviews, or asking for references from the company.

Doing research and taking the time to compare the different companies will help prevent future errors in hiring solar installers.

2. Choosing Solely on Price

Avoiding choosing solely on price is essential for a successful project. Hiring someone based on the lowest price can result in an installer with inadequate skills or experience to do the job efficiently and effectively. Make sure you get quotes from qualified contractors during the selection process.

Research and do background checks on the contractors to determine their certifications, training, and reputation. Find out their stance on warranty and repairs.

Verify they are in good standing with the Departments of Consumer Affairs or Public Utilities. Ask for previous customers’ feedback and make sure they have active liability insurance.

Talk to your installer about their experience in solar panel installment to ensure it meets your expectation. Carefully going through each step will help you avoid issues from hiring a solar installer based solely on price.

3. The Installers Aren’t Licensed or Insured

If the solar installers are uninsured, customers may find themselves facing financial losses in the event of an unlikely accident on the property.

To avoid these issues, customers should always take the initiative to research and confirm the licensing and insurance information of the solar installers they intend to hire. It is a good practice to request copies of the relevant insurance documents and licensing certificates.

It’s wise to double-check local code requirements and industry standards to ensure the work is being done as expected. By following these steps, customers can ensure they are protected from potential liabilities and have a successful solar energy project.

4. You Didn’t Get a Wide Range of Quotes

This leaves you with limited alternatives and makes it harder to find the best value for money. To avoid this pitfall, it’s important to look for competitive and multiple bids from contractors with different offers.

Ask for detailed quotes, including labor and product costs. This should be done before commissioning any work.

Try to get quotes from at least three installers to compare different solutions and prices. Check their professional credentials and look for reviews from previous projects. This will help ensure you get the best quality work at the most competitive price.

5. Not Considering the Installer’s Experience

One of the primary errors in hiring solar installers is not considering the installer’s experience. This could lead to costly mistakes, leading to a job being completed too late. The best way to avoid these errors is to research the installers and assess their qualifications.

It would also be beneficial to ask potential installers for previous work. Having videos or images to back up what they say can be a great way to verify their abilities. And make sure to ask any necessary questions about their experience to ensure that all expectations are met.

If you are interested in residential solar systems, read more about solar now from the expert.

6. The Installer Doesn’t Offer a Warranty

Errors in hiring solar installers and how to avoid them if the installer does not offer a warranty are numerous. Ensure any installer you hire establishes a clear contract outlining payment and warranty information. Ask for written estimates and, if possible, arrange to meet with the installer.

Look for certifications from credible industry organizations such as the National Renewable Energy Laboratory or the Solar Energy Industries Association. Taking these steps will put you in the best position to avoid a disastrous hiring mistake.

7. They Don’t Offer Financing

One of the common errors people make when they hire solar installers is not considering their ability to provide financing. Despite the potential cost savings of opting for solar, the upfront expense can be prohibitive to potential solar adopters.

Therefore, it is vital to ensure that the solar installer you hire offers the option of financing. So that clients can access the services with an affordable monthly payment plan. Sometimes, these financing options will even include discounts or subsidized rates.

To avoid this mistake and ensure a greater number of interested customers, always ask prospective installers if they offer financing options before committing.

8. Neglecting Maintenance and Repair Services

Maintenance and repair services after installation should be put in place to ensure no major damages develop in the future. A regular maintenance plan can detect issues before they become major problems, saving time and money.

Hiring workers who are familiar with and comfortable with repairing solar systems is also important. This will help reduce the financial burden if a system does require repairs.

Preventing Errors in Hiring Solar Installers

Solar installers who don’t offer any maintenance and repair services are not true professionals. To avoid errors in hiring solar installers, conduct due diligence on any contractor before hiring them.

It is crucial to ensure they have experience installing and maintaining solar systems. Don’t let your solar system be neglected – take action today and start looking for a qualified solar expert.

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