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Worldly Walls – Letting Your Culture Shape Your Interiors

Imagine a clean space that has not been altered by the furnishings that make a space comfortable or the accessories that make a dwelling home. The space bears white walls and bare floors, and while the temptation is to keep the place an empty palette, decorating a space for our own taste is what drives the desire to own our own home. Every homeowner, upon entering their new place, is met with the joy of being handed the keys to their own home and the challenge of creating a perfect, personal space.

With interior design by Create Expectations, homeowners can be confident in creating a stylish, elegant and personalised space. In decorating your new home, you can go in a number of different directions, but regardless of your approach, decorating your place with culture in mind can be done in a way that accentuates the space without overpowering it. Bring in your tapestries. Allow your vibrant colours and diverse textures to shine. Feature fabrics that can add flair to even the most stylish homes. Letting culture shape your interior can be one way to introduce yourself to others and to make your house feel like a home.

Continue reading to learn more about just some of the ways you can let your culture shape your interior design.

Keep It Simple

For those looking to complement their home with decorations that signify their culture, keeping it simple means embellishing the home with accessories that can tell a story about your history. Whether you hang decorative plates from your country, hang ornate tapestries that are indicative of your culture, or place area rugs that on the ground from your country, these small additions can make a big difference in the look and mood of your home. Furthermore, these decorations can possibly tell visitors about your heritage, and better yet, these items can be the best conversation pieces for telling your own design.  

Work It Into The Design

Another more understated way to add culture to your interior’s décor is to work it in as a part of the flooring or walls. Tiles can be one way to introduce cultural influences into your décor. Think about those beautiful mosaic-like tiles often featured in homes that make up the Mediterranean or walls that are made from similar materials.

Another way to work in culture into the design of a home is by using the walls to create images that are reflective of your home. Images that depict certain parts of your culture’s identity or history, again, can be a real talking point when you have visitors. While the picture is a part of the design scheme, it also reflects your culture.

Use Colour

Whether relying on the bright colours of the Caribbean, the rustic, earth tones found in Southwest United States, or the aqua blues that typify many southern European cultures, colour more than any other decorative tools can speak volumes about your cultural influences. As a complement to other decorative accessories, colour can bring life to a living space looking for definition. In fact, colour is probably one of the most understated ways to convey culture to others.

Let Culture Be The Introduction

Culture can be a part of making your living space not only comfortable but it can also be key to letting others know about your heritage. In many cases, by placing cues in your environment as it relates to who you belong to is one way to decorate your space. In fact, those who want to make designing interesting can always include the narrative of why the decoration is so important to your home. Ultimately, people design their homes for maximum comfort, and including culture as a part of your decoration can one to make your home cosy.

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