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Consider These 6 Tips When Choosing A Carpet for Your Home

Carpet is one of the most popular types of flooring, and it’s not hard to see why. Not only is the carpet very comforting to walk on, but it also looks fantastic. The installation of carpets is usually complimentary, so once you have purchased carpets, it’s not something that you need to think about. You do need to think about some other things, however, such as the carpet’s material and its manufacturer. If you don’t think these things through, then you could end up making a bad decision.

This post will tell you about six things that you need to consider when choosing a carpet for your home:


The first thing that you need to think about when you are choosing a carpet for your home is the material that it is going to be made out of. Most people when they are buying carpets choose wool carpets. While wool is a great option, it’s often expensive to maintain and can attract bugs like clothing moths. A better option is quality nylon carpets, which are made to an extremely high standard and don’t have the same problems that carpets made from natural fibers do. Nylon carpets are also a lot more affordable. Wool carpets can cost a fortune. Cost is something that you need to think about when you are buying new flooring. You should try to save as much money as possible, especially if you are redoing your entire house.


The color of the carpet that you are going to buy is also something that you need to think about. If your interior walls are painted green, then a pink carpet won’t suit. You need to do your best to try and match your carpet’s color to the color of your walls. Carpet manufacturers offer small cutouts called swatches, which you can order directly to your house by mail. You can then put swatches down on the floor and determine which colors and styles will suit your home the best. If you have your mindset on a specific color that won’t suit your home, then you could always repaint the room that it’s going to be in.


Durability is also something that you need to think about. You need to buy a carpet that’s hard-wearing and won’t fall apart the minute that you begin using it. Nylon carpets are typically a lot stronger than carpets made from natural fibers, which is another reason to give them some consideration. With that said, it’s a good idea to speak to the carpet manufacturer directly (by email or phone) and ask them how durable their carpets are and whether or not they come with a warranty.


If you are going to buy an extremely expensive natural carpet, then putting it in your home’s entrance hall probably isn’t the wisest of ideas. No, you need to carefully think through the type of carpet that you are buying and the location that it is going to be in. You need to make sure that whatever carpet you buy, that it suits the area of your home that it is going to be in. Footfall also needs to be considered. If you are putting carpet in an area with heavy footfall, then it will wear away very quickly. Additionally, if you are going to invest in natural carpets, then positioning them in a room that receives a lot of footfall, your chances of carpet moths being introduced to your home are increased.


Do you have children? If you do, then it’s probably a bad idea to invest in a carpet that’s lightly colored. Children are notorious for spilling things on carpets, as well as drawing on them, and just generally destroying them. If you are going to buy a carpet that’s lightly colored, then make sure that you constantly monitor your children whenever they are playing on it. If your child draws all over your carpet, you might not be able to wash it and restore it. Never invest in a lightly colored carpet for your child’s room, either.


One last thing to consider is your home’s overall design. Will carpets actually suit your home’s interior? An alternative to carpets if wooden floors will look better in your house is to invest in large, heavy-duty rugs. Persian rugs are the most traditional option, but if your home has a more modern design then you can always purchase a minimalist Scandinavian rug or something to that effect. Your home’s design needs to be factored into your carpet-buying decision. If you don’t consider your home’s design then you could end up making a bad purchase decision. Investing in a carpet that looks incongruous against the rest of your home’s design is a bad idea.

Purchasing a carpet can be very exciting. After all, there’s no better flooring. If you are going to buy carpet for your home, then you need to carefully consider your options and try to make the decision that’s best for your house and family.

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