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Top Tips for Preparing Your Home for a New Puppy

Bringing home your new bundle of joy (and terror!) is a magical moment. You have likely been dreaming of this moment for a long time.

But there is a lot to consider and prepare for beforehand to ensure your home is safe for your new puppy. Here are some tips for puppy-proofing your home and getting ready to bring them home.

Puppy proofing 

This is very important. Ensuring your home is a dog-friendly space is step one in preparing to bring home your puppy. You will need to make sure that anything harmful and anything you don’t want to be chewed is stored away. This includes cleaning products, electronic cables, and technology. You might want to hide your slippers too! 

It is a good idea to create a space for your puppy to play and relax in, such as an open-top playpen. This allows your puppy to explore and play and practice their toilet training but keeps them safe when you need to go and do something in another room. Make sure their space has lots of blankets, a bed to keep them warm and cozy, and toys to keep their busy brains engaged

If you don’t already have house insurance, it can be a good idea to look into it. Whether you own your home or rent, it can give you peace of mind that even if something is irreparably damaged, it can be replaced. Do your research and talk to specialists like a home insurance broker Montreal. You will need pet insurance too, and as with house insurance, do this research before you bring your puppy home. It’s strongly advised to find a vet before the puppy comes home too, so you can get them booked in for their vaccinations without delays. 

Making changes to your home 

Essential puppy proofing is only step one, as there are many hazards your puppy can encounter in their first year of life. Be prepared to make short and long-term changes to your home to accommodate your furry friend. 

For example, puppies can squeeze into tiny spaces. Make sure you block up gaps between appliances, under cupboards, and anywhere else in the house you don’t want your puppy exploring. It is also a good idea to fence off your fireplace if you have one and get into the habit of closing doors and windows. 

For the first few months, it’s also suggested you remove decor that could get knocked over and anything small that your puppy could chew. You will be amazed at what they can find, so do your best to remove everything but be prepared to take things off them as the weeks go by!

Check your house plants 

Many puppies enjoy chewing plants, so you must check the plants in your home (and garden) to ensure they aren’t poisonous or are out of reach. Some hazardous plants to dogs include lilies, poinsettias, azaleas, amaryllis, and ivy. If they swallow or chew something and you’re at all unsure, call your vet.

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