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Awesome DIY Project Ideas That Are Fun To Make

Taking on a DIY project is an exciting challenge, whether it’s to save some money or just because you want to create something yourself. Many people find that they enjoy creating things very much and the whole process of thinking about how will it look and planing all of the steps needed to bring it into reality. Seeing the final creation thrive with your very own hands is a unique experience. Therefore, this article will present you with some awesome DIY project ideas that are not only very interesting and fun to do but will surely amaze everyone around you.

DIY Leather Wallet or Card Holder

This project idea is popular among DIY enthusiasts who prefer to work with leather. It’s not difficult to make a simple wallet, but it may be intimidating for beginners who wish to try their hand in making new things. To make yourself a personalized leather wallet or cardholder all you need is a Cricut machine, leather material (you can get it from any craft store), and studs/zippers for embellishments, as well as a pen to mark where you’ll cut the leather. The best thing about these cool Cricut leather projects is that you can customize your products by choosing your favorite color leather and making it look modern with some fun zippers or studs. You can also add a unique logo of yours on the front side of your leather wallet by using a stamp or just engraving the design into the leather.

DIY Wooden Photo Holder

This project idea is for everyone who enjoys nature and the aesthetics of rustic objects. You don’t need to be an expert in carpentry or know how to work with wood, because the steps involved in creating a wooden photo holder are easy and anyone can do it. All you need to make such an object is decent wood and the most common type is pine. You can either get one unfinished plank from home depot and then sand it, stain it and varnish it according to your needs or you can go directly into creating your design on any pre-chopped piece of wood using specific tools. You can decorate it by painting a simple quote of yours on the wood or you can carve out different shapes to make your photo holder look like an actual art object that will fit well in every room.

DIY Pomander Ball

For those who prefer more delicate DIY projects, or for anyone who loves vintage design and aesthetics, the pomander ball just might be a perfect project idea. It’s easy to make one, as well as very beautiful looking and it will surely make your home or office feel more homelike. You can use this DIY craft to embellish any room you wish by hanging pomander balls on the walls and even the ceiling if you like. To start making your pomander ball all you need is an old newspaper for each color you want to use, regular glue or hot glue, ribbon or string of choice, and a Styrofoam ball. Since this is such an easy project that anyone can do so you can consider including it in a DIY party with your friends and family.

Photo Transfer on Wood

This is a very interesting DIY project idea that can be applied to many things, not just wood. It’s so simple and easy to do it with plywood or any other wooden board with some nice text or image printed on it using specialized transfer paper or even your regular printer loaded with special inkjet photo paper will work. This process transfers your favorite picture onto your personalized product in an extremely creative way, especially when you use old-fashioned tools like stamps for embossing purposes. You can either engrave the picture into the wood manually or use a drill machine for more modern results.

DIY String Art Wall Hanging

String art is a very popular craft that’s been around for many decades. You can still find awesome string art wall hangings from the 60s and 70s in old houses, loft apartments, etc., but you can also take action and try your hand at making one yourself with simple materials. All you need to start this awesome DIY project is a wooden board or a canvas/blanket for a background,  nails of any size, some twine in various thicknesses, pliers, and wire cutters. You can find many new designs online and use them as a reference while creating your DIY handmade piece. You can use images in any shape or size to create the design of your string art wall hanging, so feel free to experiment with it.

DIY Projects

As you can see, DIY projects are fun and they allow us to express our creativity. They help us save money and time as well as teach us new skills. If you are looking for new project ideas, keep these ideas in mind next time you find some time to have fun.

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