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Does Testosterone Help Build Muscles?

As an upfront answer to the question, “does testosterone help build muscles”, the answer is yes! Testosterone hormones are steroid hormones coming from the androgen group which is found in many vertebrates. It is found among men, women, and even on animals and plants. While there is an undeniable fact that it helps build muscles, the next significant question is, ‘how does it build muscles?’

Testosterone for muscle mass

Testosterone hormones are produced by the testicles and ovaries consistently from birth however the production is reduced as people reach the age of 30. Men produce more testosterone than women and signs of good testosterone levels are usually shown by specific body changes which include growth of facial hairs, broader shoulders, a deeper voice among men, square face, and increase of muscle mass. Should these effects occur on a woman’s body, one should not be worried – it is not an abnormality but just an overproduction of testosterone. While there are many ways to increase its numbers, there are also ways to reduce it.

Muscles are built whenever the body repairs are broken and torn muscle fibers. Along with the healing, the body also requires protein to build the muscles. Testosterone hormones stimulate this process of building the muscles. without an adequate amount of testosterone hormones, the body would not be able to function enough – not only in building muscle mass but also in its overall functions.

Apart from building muscles, testosterone is also known to improve sex drive as well as sexual endurance, especially among men. While there are artificial ways to improve testosterone levels such as drugs and supplements, there are also natural means.

Natural ways to improve T levels when building muscles

While there are indeed supplements and drugs that can help improve testosterone levels of the body, they’re not entirely effective and some can even cause complications especially for those with allergies to specific substances. Furthermore, medications and treatments for increasing T levels can be a bit costly. So, here are a few ways how you can improve T levels naturally.

Natural food source

The best way to improve T levels is through testosterone-stimulating foods. Among this food, varieties include broccoli, turnip, cabbage, kale, cauliflower, and other leafy vegetables. These food sources are rich in indole-3 carbinol which promotes T level increase. A good thing about these food sources is that they’re easy to find and rather cheap. Having small amounts in every meal can greatly help in improving one’s T levels.

Enough sleep

One thing that is commonly ignored and misunderstood by many people, especially gym-goers, is that sleeping doesn’t help with building muscles, or it doesn’t help with improving testosterone levels. Simply put, the body cannot function well without rest. As mentioned earlier, the body builds muscles by repairing torn muscle tissues caused by working out in the gym. For the body to be able to heal itself, it needs nutrition and rest. Of course, this doesn’t mean that the more your sleep, the faster you’ll build your muscles. There is only an adequate amount of sleep that the body requires per day. Having more or less than the recommended amount of sleep can cause negative effects on the body.

Keep away from stress

Also, you’d want to stay away from too much stress. A bit of stress is good for the body to make the body adapt to the environment and situations. However, it is important to know that the body also has its limits. Causing too much stress on your body slows its functions which may hinder the production of testosterone levels. For every stress that is done to the body, there should also be an equal amount of rest for it to recover.


As odd as it may sound, having sex improves testosterone levels as well. Testosterone hormones are generated or produced by sexual organs. Active use of the sex organs will make them more healthy and more susceptible to producing testosterone hormones.


Lastly, you’d want to maintain a regular exercise routine to keep your body maintain a good level of testosterone hormones. Exercising, particularly cardio exercises keep the body from storing fat and toxins. It also improves blood circulation in the body to keep all organs functioning and healthy.

A few minutes of walking or jogging every day can already provide impressive results in improving testosterone levels. After exercising, it is important to refuel the body with water. When choosing drinks, it is best to stick with water as it is free from unnecessary substances and ingredients that would hinder testosterone level increase.

If you’ve gone through an intense workout, you must let your body rejuvenate its lost strength. A good way to recover muscle strength after intense workouts is through massages.

The wrap-up

Now building muscles has indeed become a norm not only for the male gender but also for the ladies. Testosterone levels play a major part in this kind of venture. While it is pretty much known that building muscles mean pushing its limits, it is important to know that the body itself also tends to break when pushed too hard.

An important thing to bear in mind when improving testosterone levels to build muscles is to take your time doing it. Forcing the body to build and expand its muscles in a short time will not only make the muscles lack strength and endurance but can also cause other health concerns. Maintaining a good routine exercise, diet, and healthy lifestyle can greatly help in improving testosterone levels to build muscle mass.

If you’re opting for drugs and supplements to improve your T levels, it is important to visit your doctor first hand. The doctor will be able to advise you with the ingredients as well as substances that your body needs to stay away from. Furthermore, it is important to check for reviews about your particular T supplement or drug provider to ensure that what you’re purchasing is actually working or even safe.

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