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Effects of junk food on modern lifestyle

The changing lifestyles in this modern era are no doubt very helpful but their effects are very drastic. The processed food and the modern lifestyle is becoming a slow poison for all. The whole world is moving around the junk food and poisonous beverages. Everyone is least concerned about the health and the effects of eating junk food. Mostly teenagers are the persons which are facing the direct effect of the junk food.

The junk food is indeed very alluring to taste but it has zero health benefits. They look fascinating, mouthwatering but excess consumption can bring adverse effects to the human body. There are numerous bad effects of eating junk food. The reason behind excessive junk food consumption is busy hard working life and laziness in cooking home food.  Today’s lifestyle is so hard and busy that one gets very less time to make healthy food and take care of the body. Featuring some of the bad effects of consuming junk food are:

May cause obesity:

The junk food that people eat may contain a lot of calories. Consuming excessive calories per day can lead to obesity and relating health problems. The normal calories necessary for a female body is 1600 to 2400 calories and those for the male body is 2000 to 3000 calories per day. These junk food including fast food and soft drinks may have excess calories which can increase the weight of the consumer and badly affect the human body.

Lowering insulin resistance and may cause Type-2 Diabetes:

Consuming excess junk food may lower the insulin resistance and increase the risk of emerging type-2 diabetes. Recent researchers have tested that people who consume more junk food may add weight up to 10 pounds per week. This eating cycle may weaken the body system and decreases the insulin resistance and can lead to type-2 diabetes.

May increase depression

The junk food eating habits may increase the problem of depression in the human body. It is seen that people who consume more fast food have more problems like depression and it’s relating effects. They lack in concentration and become lazier to perform normal and day to day tasks.

Increasing Addiction:

The habit of eating junk food is becoming a mere addiction to the teenagers. This food is working as a drug and they are unable to ignore it. The taste of these junk foods is so alluring that it’s hard for the consumer to ignore it and move towards the healthy food.  If a person has reached this stage then he/she is welcoming many health problems to his/her body. It can be a warning sign and precautionary steps are necessary at this stage.

Risks of Digestive Diseases:

The rich and high energy junk foods are fried in oils at very high temperatures. They lack in the value of vitamins, minerals, and fibers. Excess of oils makes these foods difficult to digest and they are responsible for weakening the digestive system. These foods are responsible increasing digestion diseases in the human body. The person should focus on a diet which is rich in proteins, minerals, vitamins, and fibers.

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