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Expert Tips for Choosing the Right Nursing Home

There comes a moment in your life where you’ll have to look after a loved one and search for a nursing home that can adequately take care of their needs. This new reality can be scary for both you and them. You’ve likely heard all the horror stories that take place in some of these medical facilities where many seniors have suffered medical malpractice and abuse that their family members were not aware of until it was too late. But, you can avoid this situation altogether by following these expert tips for choosing the right nursing home for your elderly family member.

Narrow Down Your Options with Online Research

Nowadays, you can use the internet to your advantage instead of going through an old phonebook and calling the various residential facilities around your city to inquire about their services. Try to choose according to public ratings and get access to government reports through nonprofit sites. Depending on your relative’s health insurance, you can also look for alternatives to nursing homes depending on their physical condition and mental abilities. Other options that may accommodate your situation better could be assisted living, group homes, and other forms of congregate care. In most cases, the nursing home will be the best option given that they provide constant assistance, meals, and amenities in a space specifically designed to provide quality care for the elderly.

Visit the Nursing Homes in Person

You’ve already selected a few nursing homes that seemed okay during your first scanning, but now it’s time to get in the car and see the places for yourself. The Brisbane aged-care providers from advise that you always visit the facilities in person to inspect the space. Many people end up choosing the nursing home in a rush, but it’s always best for your financial situation and peace of mind to look for the best options ahead of time instead of until the last minute.

Don’t be fooled by fancy decoration or high price rates; this is a phenomenon that draws many people to choose one nursing home over others, and experts in the field call it the ‘chandelier effect.’ While visiting these facilities, ensure that the place looks clean and well-staffed, look at the dining area to see how the food looks like, and if possible, drop by the nursing home a few times before making your final decision.

Pay Attention to the Staff and Residents

Once you’re in the building, pay close attention to how the permanent residents look and act around visitors. One of the telltale signs of proper care in the facilities is well-groomed residents with clean clothing, hair, teeth, and hands. Unfortunately, many nursing homes are understaffed or don’t have proper protocols for emergencies, putting their residents in mental and physical harm, so you must ensure that the facility you are considering abides by high health and safety standards. You must also be well-informed about the visiting protocols and what measurements they take to deal with potential outbreaks during these unprecedented times. After all, your family member will be in the nursing home 24/7, and to many families, it’s essential to be able to visit their loved ones during the week to check up on them.

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Read the Contract Carefully

Once you’ve settled on a nursing home and are given a contract to sign, it’s crucial to give yourself some time to analyze the legal document and what it entails to be legally bound to this facility. Don’t hesitate to ask the facility’s director questions about any point you’re having trouble understanding. You can also request a friend or family member to check the contract with you and make sure that everything is in order. If something feels wrong during the final steps of the process, don’t be afraid to back down. You have the right to refuse to sign and look for other options until you feel comfortable enough entrusting your loved one’s safety and wellbeing to a nursing home.

Choosing the right nursing home for your loved ones shouldn’t be a rushed decision. You are placing your loved one’s welfare in the hands of professionals who have to keep them safe and comfortable during the most vulnerable time of their life. We understand that it’s a difficult choice to make when someone you care about cannot rely on themselves to tend to their daily needs. However, by doing your research beforehand and ensuring that the nursing home is a respectable, safe place to entrust with your family member’s care, you’re giving them the best chance possible to live a happy, healthy, and full life.

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