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Fashion for the new Metrosexual Men

Fashion is the only industry that changes so rapidly and it is mostly uncertain as to what way the trends will align. If one season is all about colorful, bright clothing the very next season could be all about pastels hues. Trends are inspired by designers who invariably create new lines each season that dictate the upcoming trend for the year. Be it the introduction of fur coats for women or linen suits for men or the use of leather for accessories. It is all a result of the creative genius of various designers that translates to our everyday fashion. Visit one of the luxurious brands you can try.

Fashion was mostly associated with women and many design houses concentrate majorly on women’s garments such as wedding dresses and ball gowns. But men’s fashion is fast catching up. The Metrosexual men’s fashion game is rapidly changing. This new generation of men do not shy away from colors or experimenting with various fabrics. In the early years, mens clothes were plain and simple and the most grandest pieces would still be limited to a black and white tuxedo. Today, men’s fashion has grown leaps and bounds beyond that with major design houses creating custom suits, jackets, wedding ensembles etc.

The guide for a Metrosexual style statement

Metrosexual, with regards to fashion, refers to the unhinging of myths of the society when it comes to fashion for men. For example, men wearing a pink shirt was considered poor sense of fashion or womanish and any color relatively light for the trousers was considered inappropriate. The current fashion trend breaks all those rules by experimenting with colors and various fabrics for men’s wear.

A stylish set of light coloured linen suits for men is now considered elegant and well dressed. It is no more about just plain white shirts and black or brown trousers. Mens fashion has evolved to include fabrics formerly used for women’s wear such as silk, satin and cashmere. Designers have now started introducing more  feminine shades of colors for men’s wear such as pinks, violets and reds.

Essentials of the new Metrosexual Men’s Wear

While figuring out what is ‘in-season’ and what is now considered trendy, there are always a few safe bets that you can place without having to give a second thought. Some of the evergreen fashion trends that must exist in any metrosexual men’s wardrobe is listed below:

1. A well tailored Suit Set

When it comes to suits, there is no argument. A well tailored custom fit suit in a flattering color and pattern is a jewel in any men’s wardrobe. Consider getting yourself a custom fit linen safari suit or a simple cotton suit or a wool/cashmere suit. This is more of an investment than a purchase and it’s sure to leave no heads unturned.

2. A Fashionable Jacket

A good jacket can be wondrous for your outfit and can pull together your entire outfit with ease. Jackets can be worn both for an office setting or for a casual setting. Opt for versatile fabrics such as Wool, Leather, Corduroy or Tweed. Invest in a good leather jacket for an informal look and a well fit Tweed or Italian Jacket for a formal look.

3. Opt for new, trendy colors

Include a range of colors for both your shirts and trousers. Be flexible in choosing salmon, pink, purple and crimson for shirts. It is quite fashionable to pair a dark shirt with light colored trousers. Opt for powder blue, ash grey, olive and cream color trousers. The recent trends in colors are more towards muted pastel ones that can blend in any occasion with ease and still look remarkable.

4. Experiment with new informal wear

There are many kinds of informal lounge and casual wear that are making the rounds these days. Some examples include Chino Pants, Hoppers, Joggers, Pleated trousers etc. A good pair of chinos can be paired with Polo collared T-shirts for a chic evening look. For a relaxed weekend opt for joggers or hoppers for a casual look.

5. Accessories for men

One of the most revolutionary fashion trends was to introduce accessories for men to go with their outfits just like women. Men can opt for scarfs, suspenders and casual t-shirts. Many design houses such as Calvin Klien encourage the metrosexual appeal for men by pairing a knitted scarf with a shirt and chinos or suspenders with half sleeve shirts and pleated trousers.

For some more formal dresses, especially hand-tailored suits, accessories need to have a more unique charm and design. Custom cufflinks and custom belt buckles from GS-JJ are undoubtedly better choices. You can even send them your own designs. If you're looking for designs or want to create your own, you can use generative AI tools like 88stacks to experiment with different design ideas.

Metrosexuality is about using fashion to ramp up the style quotient for mens wear. Men can easily pull off elegant fashion without having to compromise on essential masculine outfits. It’s all about the balance of colors, the fabrics and the confidence.

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