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Five decorative article ideas out of scrap

Decorating your home needs your creativity, innovations, and interest. Without spending huge amounts of money on buying things for decorating, you make your home look stylish and elegant by making them out of scrap in your home. In the today’s world, DIY has become very popular, and one can get any material required without much effort. We have listed a few items and how they can be used.

  1. CD/DVD: After USBs and memory cards came into existence, usage of CD/DVD no longer exists. Every home contains some old DVDs and CDs. Instead of throwing them away, we can use it to decorate our home. They can be used in making wall hangings, show pieces which can give a stylish look to your living room and drawing room. For example, you can make a lamp with DVDs and place it on the bedside table.
  2. Straws: Straws are one of the common things which we use once and throw away. Whenever a party takes place, this is the thing which goes wasted. Instead of simply throwing the unused straw packets, one can use them to make a wide variety of products like flower vases, artificial flowers, frames, toy houses, show pieces, and much more which can be used to decorate your shelves of any room and make your guest happy by your creativity.
  3. Torn bed sheets: Torn bed sheets can be used in many ways. It can be cut into your desired shape and can be used on tea table or sofas or even on dining table and chairs. They can also be used as curtains to your windows. You can also do some cloth decorations to your rooms. They can also be used for making posters for various rooms.
  4. Unused headsets and charger wires: Headsets and chargers are among those articles which need replacement for every few months. Such unused headsets can be turned into decorative pieces. They can be used to write names on nameplates, outline your showcase, book shelf. It can also be used for wall hangings, wind chimes, light series, etc.
  5. Empty boxes: Whenever we buy anything from online or a shop, we will get a box with it, which goes into the dustbin. Instead of making it go to the dustbin, we can use it in many different ways. Depending upon its size it can be used as a temporary cupboard to a small pen stand. Shoe racks, bangle stands, book shelves, jewelry boxes, tissue holders, and much more. They can change the entire look of your house.

Imagination and creativity have no rules. These are only a few basic things. There are many other scrap items which can be turned into useful things. It entirely depends on one’s interest and imagination. Basic ideas can be drawn from anywhere, but turning that idea into art piece depends entirely upon you. A little patience, time, imagination and a few basic articles that are all you need to start with.

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