Adopting a Dog

Five things to think about when adopting a dog from an animal shelter

Taking on a dog from the shelteris a great thing to do,but only if you are prepared for everything it entails.If you are thinking about getting a pet dog there are lots of things to consider but choosing one currently in an animal shelter, particularly if that dog is already an adult, may throw up some extra surprises.

Donot let that put you off, though, as there are many pet pooches looking for a loving home who could be your ideal companion, just make sure you do the proper planning first.

Home set up

Where you live will dictate what kind of rescue dog you can go for. If you live in an apartment or donot have a yard for example, you should only really be looking at toy breeds but if you have a large house and lots of land, you can consider much larger dogs.

If you donot own your own property you will need to check if you are permitted to have pets and if so, if there is a limit to the size of dog your landlord allows.

In addition to this, you might also want to find out about what dog walking spaces and other doggy activities are available in your area.

dogs for adoption


Taking on a pet does not come cheap, but some dog breeds can cost more than others.

For example, on top of the usual food and vet bills, if you choose a dog which needs its coat clipping regularly, the cost of grooming can also rack up. The expense of feeding big dogs can also come as a surprise.

Make sure you do your research beforehand and work out a budget you can afford before taking the plunge and inviting a new pet into your home.


Something that really needs giving some thought to is your lifestyle and if it really suits taking on the responsibility of dog ownership.

If you are out of the house for long periods of time or if you enjoy taking several vacations a year, ask yourself if it is fair to take a dog out of the pound only to frequently leave it alone or constantly put it back into kennels while you are away.

Unwanted behaviors

Dogs which end up in animal shelters come with a history and often that means bringing along some emotional baggage too.

For example, it is not uncommon for rescue dogs to be, nervous or shy. With that in mind, if you have young children or other pets at home, you might consider if now is the best time to adopt.

Diamond Pet Foods provides you 7 essential tips for adopting a shy dog on your own to help you overcome some of these issues.


Even if your new dog is no longer a puppy, it is likely they will need some training. Find out about local dog training schools and dedicate time for regular training to get your dog obeying at least the basics. Being able to easily control your pup will really pay off so it is definitely worth a little effort.

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