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Home Modifications for Senior Citizens

Getting older is an inevitable part of life, but one of the downsides of this is that it might mean you’re not able to do the same things you used to. It might be something as simple as struggling to put on a pair of pants in the morning because you’re feeling a little stiff, or perhaps more severe conditions developing such as dementia or arthritis. In any case, as you move into your golden years, it might be time to think about how you can make your home safer for you so you can stay there for longer.

Support Bars

One of the easiest changes you can make to your property for someone with limited mobility or who struggles to get up without some help is support bars. They are easy to install throughout your property, both on your exterior walls and inside. You might find them the most useful when placed by your front or back doorsteps, as additional support up your staircase, and in the bathroom near the toilet or by the bathtub/in the shower.


Senior citizens can be at greater risk of losing their balance and falling. This can be a painful and scary experience even if you don’t have a long fall, but if this occurs when you’re on the staircase, it can be even worse. If you are finding it difficult to climb the staircase like you used to, you should think about getting a stairliftinstalled to help you get between floors with ease. If your stairway isn’t wide enough, you can either have it altered or put in a lift in another room of the house to get up and down instead.

Update Your Bathroom

As mentioned previously, putting support bars in your bathroom might prove useful as a senior citizen. However, if you need to make further changes to accommodate your needs, you might want to remodel your bathroom more thoroughly. You could get your toilet lowered or raised, depending on your needs. Walk-in showers or a wet room might be easier, particularly for wheelchair users, as will walk-in bathtubs. You can see more about these types of bathroom modifications at beautifulbathroom.net.

Better Lighting

Another useful update to your home to consider as you get older is better lighting. This is beneficial if you are noticing that your eyesight is becoming more strained when you’re trying to read or focus on another activity, such as meal preparation. Floor and table lamps can assist with this, but you might want to invest in stronger overhead lighting for better illumination. You can still get bright, energy-efficient bulbs as well if you want to conserve your energy consumption.

Alert Systems

Finally, if you’re a senior citizen who lives alone, you might want to think about getting some smart alert systems installed. This could be improved security to keep you safe or medical alarms that can notify the emergency services if you have a fall or some other urgent medical issue. You might want to consider getting one that can be used on your smartphone via an app or wearing a bracelet with a button you can press with ease under these circumstances.

If you’re a senior citizen who is starting to find getting around your home a bit trickier than it used to be, consider these modifications so that you can stay safe and happy in your living space.

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