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Is There a Way To Get Rid Of a Double Chin Without Surgery? An Ultimate Guide

Beauty standards have shifted in the last hundred years, therefore, what was once considered beautiful, today might be found unattractive by most. The tactics we use to prevent feeling horrible about ourselves and the way we appear are influenced by these various perspectives on beauty. One trait some people might find attractive is the double chin, often associated with having a few extra pounds around the waist. However, the double chin does not necessarily have to be associated with being overweight. There are various elements at play, one of which is just genetics, and it’s a mystery why some people never get an emphasized double chin, despite the fact that they are not deemed fit, while others do. However, there are ways to reduce it and get rid of it, without going under the knife. 

Implementing a diet 

One way to reduce the appearance of a double chin is by implementing a proper diet in your everyday life and routine. This essentially means reducing sugar, fat, bad carbohydrates and replacing them with positive ones. This basically means reducing the body fat percentage in the hope the chin will disappear. Now, there are certain genetic factors included, we should have that in mind, as with some people fat naturally builds up around certain body parts as opposed to others. Some actually have fat stored only in their abdomen while others all over their bodies. While the latter might seem less attractive, it is actually proven to be healthier than having all the fat mass in one place. Eat healthily, make sure to cut down on sugar and fats, and try exercising from time to time to speed up the whole process. 

Revolutionary procedure

When it comes to non-invasive procedures, one therapy has taken over the market in the last several years. We need to understand that our skin is composed of several different layers each with its distinctive features and function. The different layers are on top of each other and to penetrate them, until now, doctors have used lasers or surgery. However, as these procedures are invasive, a lot of people are looking for alternative options. Something called Ultherapy uses ultrasonic waves to penetrate the upper layer of the skin and removes a double chin by simply triggering the release of collagen and strengthening the skin giving it a fresher look and more elasticity. The procedure is simple, it relies on high-frequency waves and targets the specific layers, channeling the energy in the right place and enhancing blood flow, cell regeneration, and the release of hormones. The whole procedure does not last long, is painless, and can be done in less than a moment. 


Now, when we say exercises, we actually mean specific ones targeted at this particular area, not only body exercises to make you sweat. There are several different methods you can implement and try out, one of the most successful ones is putting pressure on the chin by leaning it backward and forward for two minutes straight and repeating it about 3 times during the day. Another popular method is making sure to buy some rolls for massaging the double chin and making it a part of your daily morning routine. These handy tools are actually enhancing the blood flow and circulation of the area, tightening the skin and making it look less saggy and worn out. By massaging and exercising the chin, you’ll activate the muscles which will naturally flex and tighten the skin underneath the chin. Also, include some neck exercises to strengthen the front neck muscles, and try the new chewing rubber toys for your jawline. 

how to get rid of double chin

Regular skincare routine for maintenance 

One aspect we forgot to mention is keeping up that skincare routine of yours for regular maintenance and for poorer and better-looking skin. The skin, as said, is the largest organ and is exposed constantly to outside influences such as sunlight and harsh weather conditions. That, along with the generally unhealthy lifestyle we have been accustomed to, is wreaking havoc on our skin on a daily basis; as a result, maintaining a regular skincare regimen entails providing the skin with the nutrients it needs to regenerate and remain lustrous at all times. There are many products you can use, and we recommend all the anti-aging and wrinkle creams there are, as well as natural conditioners to keep it healthy and tightened. Also, make sure to never skip it, in the morning and before going to bed, as a regular routine helps the skin stay fresh and young. 

We hope you’ll find this advice to be really helpful in removing this, what some would consider, appealing characteristic. However, we recommend not being self-conscious about a double chin because there are several factors at play, some of which are beyond your control. As a result, for a better overall result, we recommend maintaining a healthy lifestyle and exercising often. These techniques are for a better and healthier lifestyle in general, not only for a double chin.

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