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Health being the biggest wealth

Being healthy is one of the finest feelings inside any human body. It fulfills us with lots of strength and confidence to face our challenging day to day activities. Sound health is achieved by extreme dedication adopting various positive measures including a scheduled daily routine, regular exercise, yoga with meditation and most importantly our balanced healthy diet. The word sound health does not defines only our body to be fit and fine but it also explains our mind to be healthy and properly working. Healthy mind will initiate for healthy instructions to our body and accordingly our body will perform at its level best to suit out the daily targets. Mind inside a human body exactly works as that of processor inside any computer and it can simply be understood by an example that the working capacity of computers totally depends upon how fast and fine is the processor’s performance. Faster and smarter the processor, faster and smarter will be the works accomplished by the computers. Similarly, more fit and healthier the mind, more fit and healthy will be our body.

Due to extreme work pressure and desire to achieve more and more very soon, the youths of our country are bound to ignore their health. 24/7 work schedule in most of the organizations of our country are creating an environment of health ignorance by their employees. Lack of proper and healthy daily routine in such a tensed situation are being faced by the people of our country resulting in several health related issues in the form of multiple diseases. Diabetes and Blood Pressure type of diseases are becoming most common in the youths of 25 to 35 years of age. As per medical research, tension is considered to be one of the root cause for such situations and it obviously arises due to improper daily activities. People are continuously ignoring their health as they are forced to follow a lifestyle which is full of dangers. A sound mind resides in a sound body and a sound body is dependent on our today’s healthy activities. In lack of a healthy daily diet and regular exercise, the body’s performance will go deteriorating day by day and ultimately something unexpected will happen.

Health is the biggest wealth and for a body to be healthy, one must maintain a healthy routine. Early to bed and early to rise is one of the healthy habits one must adopt. After getting fresh with daily activities, one must do regular aerobics and fitness exercises. Sprouts and green salads to be taken as breakfast to maintain the body’s fitness. It will restore the body’s strength to a healthy condition by maintaining the sugar and salt level inside the human body. More than this, such a healthy breakfast will be responsible for our body’s top level performance whole day. After an hour, fruits are needed by the human body which may be citrus or other fruits. Meals must be taken before 12 noon along with green leafy vegetables and lesser in the amount of salt and sugar. At the evening time about 5pm, again the fruits must be taken to get the body’s performance restored at optimum level. A little bit exercise in the form of walking or running may be done and dinner must be taken before 8 pm. It does not matter wherever you are but it must be taken as per schedule. Include more and more raw leafy vegetables to keep the body’s immunity and performance at five star level. Sleeping time in the night should be between 9 pm to 10 pm so that a proper sleep of at least 7 hours must be followed.

To cap it all, one must follow the healthy tips as per the mentioned paragraphs to enjoy a long and healthy life along with their family.

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