How Do You Clean the Liner of Your Truck?

You install a bed liner in your truck to protect its bed from unnecessary damage. While bed liners provide protection from dents, rust, holes, scratches, and other damage, the truck bed can trap dust and debris.

As a truck owner, remember the function of a truck bed liner is to protect the truck bed. It is not self-cleaning. Therefore, you are responsible for cleaning your truck liner. Keep in mind that even if you do not use the truck, dirt and dust can nevertheless find their way into the truck bed liner. In this article, we will discuss how to clean a spray on bed liner. Incidentally, if your truck is new and you are looking for a durable bed liner, check out what type of Durabak bed liner will fit your needs.

Keeping your bed liner clean

It reflects how you maintain your truck by how you keep your truck bed liner clean. Here is a systematic way to clean the liner and keep your truck looking good.

1. Sweep the dirt that collects on the liner

If you find leaves and larger debris, use a broom to sweep up the dirt. However, if you find dirt and dust in the corners that a broom cannot reach, it is better to use a power washer. A power washer can definitely drive the dirt and water out of the truck, particularly dried mud and caked-on dirt. Use a broom to move the debris out of the truck water and minimize the water you are going to use. If you do not have a power washer, you can use JennyChem ik sprayer, or you can dump water onto the liner using a pail or your garden hose.

2. Wash the bed liner with a cleaner

Spray on bed liners are tough, and they are easy to clean. You can use household detergent or car washing soap to give the liner a good wash. Car wash detergents can remove the dirt and minor stains on the truck liner without damaging its surface. But avoid cleaners that contain chlorine as they can mar the surface of the spray on bed liner. Apply the cleaning soap to the bed liner and use a deck brush with a stiff bristle to scrub off tough stains. Other cleaning aids you should avoid are protectants with a silicone base and other products with corrosive ingredients.

3. Rinse and dry it

Rinse off the liner with clean water. Make sure that the water reaches all the corners of the bed liner. The spray on bed liner is waterproof. So, unless it has a hole or a tear, water will not penetrate its surface. You can use as much water as you need to rinse off the cleaner.

Bring the truck out in the open so that the sun can dry it off. Alternatively, you can use clean dry rags to wipe off the water. Drying the bed liner completely after washing prevents fungal growth and mildew from forming on any part of the truck bed.

Cleaning your bed liner regularly will extend the life of your truck. It is also easier to detect a hole or tear in the liner if it is clean. You can subsequently perform the repair easily.

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