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How to Care for Your Hair Extensions

Are you looking to switch up your style in a big way? Extensions are the perfect way to change your look immediately without waiting for your natural hair to grow.

You can try many types, but hair extensions are the most popular. Whether you’re new to them or considering returning after trying them in the past, we can help.

Here are some of our must-know hair extensions and beauty tips. Read on to learn more!

Brush It With Wide-Tooth Comb 

This comb is excellent for detangling and de-matting hair without causing any knots or damage. You’ll want to always start at the end of your locks and work your way up, gently brushing through the strands as you go.

Don’t Use a Hair Dryer That Blows Super Warm Hair

You can have the best hair extensions if you don’t use any heat on them. Heat can cause damage, making them look dull and matted. Instead, allow your wings to air dry.

You can apply a light leave-in conditioner to help keep them moisturized. When styling it, avoid using heat tools or chemical treatments. Be sure to keep the roots of your extensions moisturized with natural oils like coconut or argan oil to prevent heat damage or drying.

Use the Right Shampoo and Conditioner

When shampooing, only using products specifically developed for hair extensions is essential. It is because harsher shampoos can strip the extensions of their moisture. It will cause them to become dry, brittle, and prone to breakage.

When conditioning, it is essential to apply just enough so that it doesn’t overwhelm the extensions. It is because it could cause them to tangle. It is also necessary to detangle your extensions after washing them.

Styling It for Longer Lifespan 

Before styling your hair extensions, use heat to style your hair extensions. But, you must use the lowest setting available or a heat protectant. It ensures that you do not expose the extensions to too much heat.

It is best to avoid brushing or combing your extensions when wet, as this can cause them to tangle and loosen. Last, when not styling your hair extensions, store them properly in a cool, dry place. Your hair extensions can last a long time with proper care and maintenance.

Don’t Sleep With Wet Extensions

Wet extensions mean that the fibers of the hair can become thinner and more prone to tangles and breakage. To avoid this, always ensure that your extensions are dry before bed. You can provide this by allowing them to air-dry or using a blow dryer on the relaxed setting to dry them.

Beauty Tips for Protecting Hair Extensions

Taking proper care of your extensions will ensure they maintain their original condition. These beauty tips will also help you to keep its shades for a longer time. Invest in quality products and use the suggested methods to protect and prolong their life.

Try it now to achieve the luscious, lovable locks you’ve always wanted!

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