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How to Clean Gutters With Guards

Have you noticed leaves, dust, and water stains accumulating on your roof?

This means your gutters have become clogged. Clogged gutters are a serious threat to your home: they can lead to water seepage, mold growth, and increased insect and vermin infestations. They can even lead to ceiling collapses.

Having clean gutters is essential to maintain your home’s property value and for your family’s health and safety. The question then is, how to clean gutters with guards?

Keep on reading to find out how it’s done.

Gather the Necessary Tools

Gathering the necessary tools for cleaning gutters with guards is the first step to having a successful gutter cleaning experience. You will need a ladder tall enough to reach the gutters, garden gloves, safety goggles, a garden hose with an adjustable spray nozzle, and a gutter-cleaning tool.

A Ladder 

When cleaning gutters with guards, it is essential to have a ladder tall enough to reach the gutters. If you do not have an adjustable ladder, you will need a stepladder and an extension ladder long enough to reach.

Ensure the ladder is placed firmly on the ground and check to ensure the base is stable.

Garden Gloves

Garden gloves are essential for cleaning gutters with guards, as they protect hands from debris and sharp edges. These gloves are an invaluable tool for maintaining a clean gutter system.

Safety Goggles

It is essential to wear safety goggles when cleaning gutters with guards. Wearing safety goggles will protect your eyes from potential flying debris during the cleaning process.

A Garden Hose

Gutters with guards can be difficult to clean, especially when they have a build-up of leaves and other debris. One way to successfully clean them is to use a garden hose with an adjustable spray nozzle.

Spraying the highest point of the gutters, aiming the stream down towards the elbows and towards the downspouts. Make sure to adjust the nozzle as needed to provide different water pressure and spray patterns.

A Gutter Cleaning Tool

There is no need to stress about cleaning your gutters when you have the right gutter-cleaning tool. When the gutters have been fitted with guards, simply use the gutter cleaning tool to clear away any fallen leaves or debris that has collected on top of the guards and then push the tool in a forward and downward motion as you move along the length of the gutter.

Remove Leaves and Debris from Gutters

Before you can begin cleaning out the gutters with guards, removing the leaves and debris accumulated in the gutters is important. To do this, first lay a tarpaulin or sheet on the ground below the gutters to catch any falling debris. Then, using a ladder, reach up and into the gutters, scooping out any leaves and debris with your hands or a trowel.

Once all the debris has been removed, use a soft-bristled brush to clean any remaining dirt and debris from the inside of the gutters and the guards. Vacuum out any remaining debris from the inside of the gutters, and flush with a garden hose to rinse out the rest. Use a dry cloth to wipe down the outside of the gutters, guards, and any sprinkler heads that may be along the gutter.

Clean Gutters With Guards Attached

Cleaning gutters with guards attached is a fairly straightforward process. Start by clearing any debris from the roof that might be blocking the guards.

Next, use a bucket or tool connected to a hose to remove any leaves, sticks, or other debris that have gotten trapped in the guards. Make sure the hose is adequately spraying each guard, and move it from left to right.

Inspect the gutter to ensure it is free of any remaining dirt or debris. When the job is finished, your gutters with guards attached should look clean and free from dirt and debris.

Check for Leaks After Cleaning

After cleaning your gutters with guards, checking for leaks is essential. Begin by closing all areas of the gutter system. If you have screens, check that they are in place and not blocking any sections.

Next, clear any standing water or debris from the gutters and adjacent downspouts. Use a garden hose to flush water through the gutter system, and look for any signs of water leakage in the gutter or in the downspouts. If any leaks are identified, investigate and make necessary repairs.

Verify that the yard has drained properly. Check the gutters and downspouts for potential blockages, and realign or repair gutters that are out of position.

Regular maintenance and periodic inspections are critical to ensure protection from water damage.

Ask a Professional for Help

Asking for help from a professional about gutter maintenance can be beneficial for learning how to clean gutters properly. A qualified pro can help you identify the best cleaning method specific to your gutter system and any potential trouble spots.

They can also help you determine if the gutter guards are installed in the most effective manner, ensuring they are doing their job of keeping debris out. They can also assist in inspecting the gutters and helping you decide if they need any repairs or replacements.

Asking for help from a professional can give you additional peace of mind knowing you are taking the best steps to keep your gutters clean and in proper working order. So for gutter repair, visit saltlakeroofing.com/rain-gutter-repair/ for professionals who will ensure your rain gutters are in top condition.

Learning How to Clean Gutters With Guards

Ensuring your gutters are clean and well-maintained is essential to keeping your home in great shape. Properly cleaning your gutter guards will ensure your gutters stay free of debris, which can lead to costly repairs.

Don’t forget to take preventative measures to ensure your gutters stay clean and function properly! Start learning about how to clean gutters with guards today and see the difference!

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