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This Is How to Design a Bathroom You’ll Love

For most of us, our bathrooms are used primarily in the morning and then again in the evening. They’re also used while we’re in the shower, brushing our teeth, and getting dressed.

As such, it’s essential that we enjoy our time in the bathroom – especially on the busiest days of the week. Yet, few homeowners ever think about the experience of those morning, evening, and nightly routines.

So, how to design a bathroom that your family uses on a daily basis and that will make your life easier? Below, we break down everything you need to think about first when it comes to planning a new bathroom from scratch or a remodel.

Double Wall-Mounted Sinks

Not only are they extremely stylish and modern, but they offer plenty of functionality too. With two separate sections, double wall-mounted sinks provide adequate space for your toiletry needs.

They also look great when combined with other home bathroom amenities, like a vanity or a clawfoot tub. Installing double wall-mounted sinks provides a seamless transition from the walls to the sink area, making the room look larger and even more stylish. 

Wall Tile

Wall tile is a perfect way to add texture and depth to the walls and can also be used to create a focal point, such as a feature wall. Tile can also be used to divide the space into separate sections for showers, sink areas, and fixtures. The material and color choices are virtually endless when it comes to wall tile, and many can coordinate with other bathroom ideas, décor, and accessories.

Installing tile correctly is important to ensure that it looks great and will last for many years to come. If you are looking for a variety of tile designs, you can visit this website with glass tile backsplash or other reliable websites that you can check online.

Upcycled Vanity

Upcycled vanity bathroom designs are becoming increasingly popular, as they can offer a unique, eco-friendly, and stylish look in any home. It is made with pre-loved materials like salvaged wood and cabinet hardware.

The hardware can be repurposed to give the piece a unique and personalized feel. To finish the piece, one can add in new materials like lighting, countertops, floor, and wall tiles. With this, you can create a completely unique vanity that suits your own personal style. 

Dutch Door

Dutch doors are split in the middle with a top and bottom part that can open and close separately. This is extremely beneficial in a bathroom remodel to allow for ultimate privacy and ventilation. They also create an aesthetically pleasing look by adding height to a room and making it appear larger.

They are an ideal solution for bathrooms that require more ventilation, allowing you to easily and conveniently open the top while keeping the bottom shut. There are a variety of designs and finishes available to suit any style, whether modern or traditional.

Industrial Partition

Industrial partitions are the perfect solution for an industrial-style bathroom. They often have a sleek, modern look that helps to create interest and add a touch of industrial chic. The rustic appeal of steel and wood will provide a warm and inviting atmosphere as well.

Industrial partitions are easy to install and require minimal maintenance. They can be custom designed to fit into any bathroom size and layout, allowing for the perfect fit.

Double Shower

This type of shower utilizes two separate shower heads mounted on the same wall, enabling two people to shower at the same time. This is ideal for couples who would like to save time and energy in the mornings or who simply like the idea of taking a shower together.

Having two separate shower heads also provides more flexibility when it comes to temperature control, allowing people to heat up or cool down their side of the shower as they please.

Wood Accents

Wood can be used for everything from the walls to the fixtures, creating a cohesive and inviting space. Wood can be used for cabinetry, wainscoting, exposed beams, and even trim details to give depth and texture to the room. There are a variety of ways to use wood in the bathroom’s design.

For example, walnut cabinetry can give the room a traditional feel, while white birch can add a modern vibe. Utilizing natural materials will add an organic look that is both timeless and fresh. Additionally, wood accents in the form of mirrors or shelving can bring both color and warmth to the bathroom, making the space comfortable and inviting.

Under the Eaves

If you are lucky enough to have an attic with a sloped ceiling, you can use this area to create a bathroom that adds comfort, style, and practicality. How this is accomplished depends on individual tastes and the particulars of your home, but with appropriate fixtures and clever use of the slanted eaves, you can transform the space for optimal efficiency.

For example, consider a two-level counter with cabinets in the raised sections and a sink in the lower section. It would provide the needed storage and easy access to the sink. Concealed lighting fixtures incorporated into the design would create the necessary ambiance.

Odd Angles

By including odd-angled walls, ceilings, and corners, your bathroom can have a unique and eye-catching presence. Odd angles add an unpredictable element to your design, allowing you to play with the angles and create a unique space.

It creates an illusion of more space and brings visual interest to your bathroom. Additionally, using odd angles in your bathroom can add an element of surprise and make your design stand out from the rest. 

Here Are Some Ideas On How To Design a Bathroom

This is how to design a bathroom! From setting a budget and finding the perfect furniture pieces to selecting a vibrant color palette and unique accessories, you’ve created a bathroom oasis that you’ll never tire of. So, take a deep breath, enjoy your new space, and be proud of your accomplishment.

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