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How to get into cosplay modeling and earn

Cosplay is a popular trend that is capturing more and more fans around the world.

Earlier, most people considered cosplay just as a way to have fun. A kind of entertainment for especially active fans who have a thirst for self-expression, a certain amount of self-irony and ability to create believable characters.

Today, thanks to the development of content platforms, models have a real chance to make money on bright costumes and cardboard weapons.

Let’s talk about cosplay modeling, on which platform you can earn on dressing up in 2022 and how to become a cosplay model.

What is cosplay

Cosplay is a popular movement created by Japanese and American anime fans. 

People inspired by films, cartoons and computer games create costumes and dress up like favorite characters. Cosplayers hold photo shoots, perform as the chosen heroes at themed festivals, and even re-live key moments of their favorite movies or anime series.

Most models create look-like costumes and copy behavior of fictional characters just for fun. However, there are content makers that managed to make money on bright outfits, cardboard armor and wooden swords. 

Cosplay modeling jobs

You must understand that creating believable cosplay requires months of tedious preparation and painstaking work. 

Buying costumes is quite expensive and most cosplayers create them themselves. Moreover, cosplay fans are quite a demanding audience, scrupulous about the details, starting with the shape of buttons to hair color. 

So, to be a cosplayer you must master:

gluing and filigree work;
work with plastic, wood, polystyrene and polyurethane foam.
Most famous creators have degrees in design, photography or graphic.

In addition, in order to get advertising contracts and perform at events, you will have to lead an active social life. You will need to promote your work through social networks and other online platforms.

Consider all pros and cons before deciding is cosplaying a job or a simple hobby.

How to become a cosplay model

Nowadays any person can earn on their talents. The main thing is to choose the right way to promote your work.

Some cosplayers try to monetize their hobby selling on OnlyFans and other hyped content platforms. Others share their work on YouTube or Instagram trying to light up and get a contract with famous studios. 

Join FriendsOnly and get the most convenient tool for monetizing any kind of content, including cosplay modeling.

Our models, musicians, video makers and other content creators take advantage of:

freedom to realize the most fantastic and private ideas;
tiered content level system with free publications, subscription content and paid posts;
recommendation system promoting free materials of out authors on the main page;
help of personal managers;
affiliate and referral program;
statistical and promotional tools.

Besides, we offer our authors several ways for monetizing their work:

payment for subscriptions (access to the work of the creator for a month);
payment for access to paid publications;
streams with paid entrance;
selling unique content in private messages.

To succeed in cosplay, you need to attend numerous anime conventions, actively maintain social networks and constantly work on creating new images for cosplay and stories for photo shoots. We hope that our guide on how to become a professional cosplayer will help you to decide if a career as a cosplayer is right for you.

Whether you choose cosplay modeling or some other type of content, we wait for you on Friends Only!  

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