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How to Look Fashionable and Stylish During Winter

Winter is a great season and the perfect time to revamp our wardrobe. You can enjoy all the cozy dresses and try on new styles! There are a variety of style options for winter clothing but you have to be smart about selecting them. And some people really struggle between keeping themselves warm and looking stylish in winter. Most people assume that they can either protect themselves from the chilled breeze and look like a marshmallow, or they can look chic and become a human icicle in the freezing weather. But guess what, you can look fashionable and stylish without freezing. 

There are so many smart style options you can choose to avoid getting frozen in the chilly weather. And if you are clever, you won’t have to break your bank or fork out for an entirely new wardrobe. You just need a little tweak to the way you are pairing your winter apparel and you will look absolutely gorgeous, and be warm and toasty. Below are a few smart tricks that will help you lift your winter look from dull to absolutely stunning.

Layering is the Key!

Most people overlook the significance of careful layering in winter. It is because people think that wearing a thick piece of cloth will keep them warm. In reality, wearing multiple thin layers in winters is warmer. There is a modular system, with the acronym W.I.S.E for layering that means:

  • W – Wicking, something to wear next to skin
  • I – Insulating, a mid-layer like a puffy down jacket or a fleece
  • S – Sheltering, a top layer to protect from rain or snow like a raincoat or jacket
  • E – Extras, like mittens, hats, or scarves

When you dress up in layers, you can look stylish as well. And when you begin to feel warmer, you can just remove the layers. 

Say Hello to Turtle-Necks

If you aren’t a fan of a turtle neck, you are missing out on an iconic winter style. Turtleneck has always been a cool outfit option. It keeps you cozy and warm while looking very elegant and chic. What makes turtlenecks interesting is that on colder days you can double them up. You can wear a thin turtleneck under a thicker and bulky one. Or you can wear a thick turtleneck and pair it up with a nice pair of jeans and a double-breasted coat. 

Bring on the Hat

Want to stand out among everyone wearing coats? Then add a winter hat to your outfit. With so many style options including berets, felt hats, knits, you can keep yourself warm as well as stylish. You would be surprised at how quickly a beanie can change your appearance and make you look stylish and fashionable. And, if you are not a fan of hats and worry about your hairstyle, you can replace hats with earmuffs. These muffs protect your ears from the chill as well as add style to your look. 

Befriend Long Socks & Thermal Tights!

If you want to make a style statement in winter and bring variety to your clothing then wearing long socks is an excellent choice. There are many ways you can style socks with your winter outfits. You can either tuck them inside your jeans or long boots or flaunt them over a tight. Along with those dear long socks, another of the winter essentials is thermal tights. Thermal tights are great for keeping your legs warm, or you can choose to pair these tights with a knee-length dress or short skirt. Thermal tights are thin but at the same time keep you warm even on freezing days.

Scarves Are a Must

Adding a scarf to your regular outfit can bring in a touch of elegance and sophistication to your style. With one scarf, you can add texture, color, or pattern quite easily to any dull and boring outfit. And guess what  – you can save yourself from the cold as well. So investing in scarves is something you will never regret. 

Don’t Lose Your Mittens

Everyone hates to feel their hands like icicles. Wear mittens or gloves in winter. Firstly your hands will stay warm and soft. Secondly, mittens and gloves are a style statement. While mittens may look casual, five-finger gloves look sophisticated. In fact, it is not wrong to say that it adds a touch of royalty to your look. You can easily find different colors and different designs of gloves.

How to Look Better

With these are simple tricks, you can plan your winter outfit according to forecast, without compromising style and elegance. Don’t hesitate to layer up, and choose the right kind of fabric and colors. To complete your winter outfit you can wear winter boots, take an umbrella and pair your outfit with a sensible bag.

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