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How to Make Your Garage Interior a Neighborhood Standout

Most garages are similar; filled to the brim with junk that you use once a year. Or maybe it’s unfinished drywall, only working as a bland space to park your car in.

Either way, it’s not very pretty, and not very enjoyable to use. You feel embarrassed to leave your garage door open for more than 30 seconds, for fear of your neighbors seeing inside.

What you don’t realize? Their garage is just as bad. 

So what can you do to transform your garage interior and exterior, making it look better than every other house on the street? What are the simple steps you can take to turning your garage into a clean, functional, well-designed space? Here are just a few options.

A New Garage Door      

Your garage is closed most of the time so passersby mainly see your garage door. Has it been updated in the last 30 years?

If not, it’s time to make the call. A new garage door can greatly increase your home’s curb appeal and value of your home. With many different designs to match any home type, a new door will transform your home’s exterior for the better.

Plus, it will perform much better than that old, sagging, rusted door you are clinging to. Or, if you have a nice looking door but just need it repaired or updated, you can contact to get it back up to speed.

Clear Out the Junk

When it comes to the inside of your garage, nothing is worse than piles and piles of junk. On the floor, on the rafters, and everywhere in between, junk removal is your next step.

Let’s face it, all of the boxes and knickknacks stored in your garage don’t get used. You run the risk of becoming a hoarder if you don’t clean it out soon. 

Set aside a weekend to clean it out. You can have a garage sale, donate to local thrift stores, and rent a big dumpster to clear out the rest. You can also hire a garage cleaning service to handle it all for you.

Finish the Walls

Now that you’ve emptied out the interior, you can finally see the walls again. They aren’t pretty, are they? That unfinished drywall is out of style.

Research garage interior paint ideas and find a color scheme that matches the rest of the house when the door is left open. A high-quality paint should be used since scuffs and moisture pose a problem in garages.

You can also utilize your wall space to organize frequently used items such as tools, cleaning supplies, art supplies, and more. Hanging a garage wall organization system is one of the best ways to make your garage useful and enjoyable.

New Flooring

You don’t have to settle for boring concrete on your garage floor. Many people are choosing to customize their flooring. You can keep it simple by applying concrete paint and an epoxy floor coating to keep it durable.

Or you can have a professional sandblast it, creating a unique design, and sealed with a floor coating. The results will be stunning.

A Garage Interior You Want to Show Off

Once you have taken the above steps, you’ll want to keep your door open all the time to show off your garage interior. You will feel proud to park your car in there or to work on a project inside. For more professional garage tips, you can also check out

It’s not that hard either! It just requires a bit of time and intentionality. Need some other ideas to transform your home? Be sure to check out more helpful articles on our blog.

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