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Car Cover Care: How To Make Your Car Cover Last Longer

Car covers can only protect your stored vehicle if they’re properly maintained. Avoiding routine washings and other care steps can damage your car cover or even damage your car’s paint. Find out how to know when it’s time to wash your car cover and car storage bag to enjoy long-lasting protection. The first step in protecting your vehicle is protecting your vehicle cover.

How To Know It’s Time To Wash Your Car Cover

Your car cover needs to be cleaned whenever it shows signs of contamination. Periodic cleaning is essential, but how often you clean your car cover depends on its use. Do you park your car outdoors every day with a cover on? Or do you only occasionally use an indoor cover? These answers will dramatically change how frequently you need to clean it.

Inspect your cover periodically for signs of dirt and debris. Bird droppings and sap can be particularly difficult to remove from a car cover, but leaving these corrosive contaminants on your cover can damage it. Allowing them to touch your car can also fade or damage your paint.

Even small amounts of dirt can cause issues over time. Look for spots of dirt and debris on your cover, particularly on the inside of it. Dirt inside your cover can create spots on the paint and scratch its surface. Even the best outdoor car covers should be periodically cleaned to prevent these issues.

Don’t continue to use a cover that’s ripped or otherwise compromised. Poor materials or improper washing can cause holes to form in a cover. When this happens, it’s best to look for a new cover. Shop online to learn more about machine-washable cover options that are easy to clean, easy to use and easy to love.

How To Wash Your Car Cover

Start your washing routine by inspecting your cover. If you’ve purchased a cover from a reputable store, you should have a care guide with it. Many covers can be machine washed and either air dried or dried on medium heat in a dryer. If this is the case, then cleaning is simply a matter of choosing a gentle detergent and using a commercial-sized washer.

Other covers require hand washing. Washing by hand may also be necessary if you don’t have access to a larger washer, like one at a laundromat. Gather the following items to prepare to wash your cover by hand:

  • Bucket
  • Sponge
  • Hose
  • Mild detergent

Use the sponge to gently scrub away mud spots, bird droppings and other contaminants on your cover. Be sure to thoroughly rinse as you wash to prevent soap residue buildup on your cover. Line dry the cover after it’s fully washed and rinsed.

Once your cover is completely dry, inspect it for signs of dirt, soap residue or other spots before using it again. Shop online for great car care products to care for your vehicle and your cover. Whether you’re searching for camper covers for sale or car shampoo, you can enjoy great prices on professional products when you shop at a leading online store.

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