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Going Green: 5 Amazing Benefits of Solar Power

Are you still hesitant about going green by installing solar panels? Don’t be.

There’s a reason why homeowners are so often approached about going solar, several reasons, actually. For starters, it’s good for the Earth, it spares our dwindling power reserves, and it saves you money.

Still not convinced? No problem.

These are only a few of the amazing benefits of solar power that we explain in the following guide. Keep reading to learn all about them.

1. It’s Good For the Earth

Yes, we’ve all heard that using solar power is good for the environment. But many of us don’t realize just how important this is.

Currently, 83% of all electricity generated in America is from non-renewable sources. Besides that, the demand for energy is still increasing. The population, and the average amount of energy each person uses, are both rapidly increasing.

Thus, there has never been a greater need for lots and lots of renewable energy.

2. It’s Good For the Neighborhood

For the reasons we just stated, America’s power companies are running low on energy. Well, actually, we can also blame the fact that our energy distribution system hasn’t been updated in about 100 years.

That’s right. The way we harvest and distribute energy to the public was intended for a society that was one-third the size of our own (and did not have access to the internet). 

To say that our energy-producing facilities are struggling to keep up is an understatement. That’s why blackouts and brownouts are so common in some areas.

And they’ll be common everywhere unless more of us start relying on alternative energy sources. Even a simple solar powered generator will take some strain off your local power grid.

3. The Government Will Pay For Part of It

If you’re still undecided about getting solar panels, stop procrastinating. There’s not much time left to reap the tax rebate for going solar.

Currently, you can get 22% refunded off of the total cost of your solar power system. This offer is only good until the end of the year, though, so you’d better make up your mind now.

4. Reduce Your Energy Bill

Besides the tax rebate, you also might get a discount from your power company as an incentive to go solar. Regardless, an efficient solar energy system, installed properly, with regularly unobstructed access to sunlight, will reduce your dependency on other energy sources. Thus, your energy bill is reduced.

5. Increase Your Property Value

You’re not the only one who would enjoy these benefits. Anyone looking to buy your house will appreciate them, too. This can easily increase the sale price of your home, possibly by more than you paid for the solar panels!

Reap the Rewards of Going Green With Solar Energy

As you can see, there’s no better time to get solar panels on your home. Experience the benefits of going green by investing in solar energy.

Want some more great ideas on how you can improve your home? Find other awesome tips like this on our Home & Design Blog.

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