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How to Show Your Garden Some Love This Year

As the seasons shift, and with the coronavirus pandemic showing no sign of drawing to an end any time soon, it’s fair to say that 2020 has been a trying year for everyone. With everyone necessarily spending more time at home, if you’re lucky enough to have a garden you have probably spent more time in it than usual in pursuit of fresh air and the refreshing power of nature. As a consequence, your garden might now be looking a bit tired and in need of refreshment. If this is the case, here are some ideas of how you can show your garden some love this year.

Add some new plant life

Nothing is more cheerful and uplifting than a garden that is blooming with colour. Like fruits and vegetables, plants have different seasons, meaning that different species bloom at different times of the year. To ensure that your garden is full of colour and interest whatever the month, make sure that you have a mixture of plant life. Hardy perennials such as hydrangeas and asters will bloom year after year, requiring little maintenance. Evergreens such as fir trees and ferns will keep their greenery throughout the year, providing a cheering dash of colour even in the depths of winter.

Invest in a water feature

Reinvigorate a lacklustre garden by investing in a water feature. Ponds are popular choices, providing a space of tranquillity while also encouraging a variety of wildlife to visit your garden. You could even up your pond game further by adding a fountain, which will ensure that your water feature is an attention-grabbing show-stopper sure to impress any visitor to your garden—human or animal! Make sure you add a water pump, such as those found on in order to keep your water feature in tip-top condition year-round.

Invest in new garden furniture

Without regular maintenance, being constantly exposed to the elements causes garden furniture to rapidly pass its best. If this is the case with your outside dining set, you could spruce the garden up by investing in some new furniture. Look for weather-proof materials such as waterproof rattan and waterproof, fade-proof cushions. Or, if you are happy with your current garden furniture, you could add a fun novelty addition—a swinging egg chair, for instance, provides hours of outside fun for the whole family.

Tackle repairs and weather damage

It should come as no surprise that, being exposed to the elements, many items in your garden sustain a lot of damage. Iron garden furniture becomes rusty, wooden fences become weathered and damp, and pottery items are cracked or perhaps even break. Take advantage of this time before the cold winter months set in to carry out any garden repairs. Sand and creosote your wooden fence, insulate any delicate plants, and cover your garden furniture with protective tarpaulin. These simple garden maintenance tasks will ensure that your garden remains protected and attractive throughout the seasons.

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