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How Do Solar Powered Garden Lights Work?

Did you know that in 2020, most people spent almost two-thirds of their time at home? If you’re one of these people, you deserve to get the most use of your at-home spaces as possible, both indoor and outdoor.

You may think that your outdoor space can only be used in the daylight. However, solar-powered garden lights are an economical, aesthetically-pleasing way to bring artificial lighting to your space and keep it usable long after sundown.

If you’re anything like the average consumer, you may be wondering, “How do solar garden lights work?” Solar energy may seem like magic, but it’s really not hard to understand at all.

Keep reading to learn how solar yard lights work and why you should invest in a solar garden today.

How Do Solar Powered Garden Lights Work?

To answer the age-old question, “How does solar work?” you have to start with understanding photovoltaic cells. These solar cells are the basic technology that converts sunlight into electricity.

When the sun shines on a photovoltaic cell, or PV cell, the cell absorbs the energy from the light. This energy then gets stored in the light’s battery for the rest of the day.

In addition to PV cells and batteries, solar yard lights also have photosensors. These sensors detect whether the sun is shining or not. Once enough light disappears, the sensors send a signal for the light to turn on.

The lights use the stored energy from the battery to continue shining all night long.

How Long Do They Last?

When properly taken care of, solar yard lights can last for years. Most often, their lifespan is limited by the lifespan of their batteries, which usually last anywhere from two to five years. Usually, you can change the batteries in your lights to extend their lifespan, as the lights themselves can last for decades.

The weather conditions in your area will also affect the lifespan of your lights. If you get very cold temperatures for extended periods of time, be prepared to change the batteries more often. You might also consider bringing your yard lights inside for the coldest months of the year.

Even though you have to change the batteries every so often, using solar lights for your outdoor lighting is usually cheaper than traditional electrical lights. This makes solar-powered lights both a cheaper and a less wasteful decision than traditional lighting options. At sites like Blue Raven Solar costs of solar are clear and easy to understand.

Set Up Your Solar Energy Garden Today

Now you know everything about how solar-powered garden lights work, and why they’re a smart option for your outdoor living area. Install some solar yard lights in your garden today to keep your outdoor space usable long into the evening hours.

Looking for more ways to boost the curb appeal of your outdoor space? Take a look at the other articles in the garden and home design sections of our site.

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