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Impress Your Friends With These Simple Card Tricks

Learning a new hobby is always fun, especially if you can share it with your loved ones later on. Knowing how to do card tricks is exciting and you never know when that could come in handy – it’ll certainly impress your friends at least, so here are some simple card tricks to learn!

How to get started

Before you jump into your card tricks adventure, you need to get the suitable tools to do so! A common misconception is that people use regular cards for most tricks – while that is true, some tricks require a specific kind of card to pull it off! Some tricks might require you to use invisible ink luminous cards or in other words marked cards. This is an effective way to cheat and impress your friends in no time! This is actually not uncommon, as these cards are also used in poker games in order to cheat and trick the competition! All-in-all a useful deck to have if you are just starting off, it’ll make at least one trick doable instantly! 

Pick a card

Seemingly the hardest trick to pull off, with a bit of practice and understanding anyone can do it! Start with letting your friend shuffle the cards and place them down while choosing one. The point is that technically only they know which card they’ve picked, and not you – but you can find out by doing a bit of math! Since the deck is shuffled, there are six cards on the top of it – but you have no idea which ones and that’s the catch! Pull out each card and ask if your friend had the card in his mind or not – repeat the round if necessary with six new cards!  

Vanishing card

Another great trick to learn is the good ol’ vanishing card! This is probably the closest thing to real magic you can actually do, so learning it can certainly impress your loved ones! It’s quite simple really, hold a card in your dominant hand with your thumb and middle finger – curl your fingers to make the card disappear. The trick is to grip it firmly between your index finger and your pinky, giving the appearance that your palm is empty! This does take some practice and getting used to, but once you learn it, it’s a fun trick to do at parties and it requires only one card!

Simple Card Tricks


This is probably the oldest trick in the book, but essentially it revolves around predicting which card is the one you are looking for. This is one of the most addicting tricks as it carries elements of gambling in it – you can do it over and over to your friends and it never gets old! It’s quite simple, you are the one who is calling the shots and setting up the prediction, but the other person doesn’t know that! 

Even if you learn one or two tricks, it’s still a lot to take in – perfecting them might take a bit of time but once you get a hang of them the fun is endless! All you have to do is gather the suitable tools and you can start!

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