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The Complete Buying Guide to Gifts for Kids Under 10

If you’re buying a gift for another person’s child you may be wondering what on earth you could buy for them. It’s difficult to buy something for someone else when you really want them to enjoy it! In addition, buying for younger children can make the task even more daunting.

Overall, it’s common to spend about $20-$30 on a gift for another person’s child. Read on to find the ultimate buying guide on gifts for kids under 10 that will fit into your budget!

Subscription Box of Snacks

Who doesn’t like snacks? A box full of them would make a great gift, especially if it includes imported snacks and drinks from Japan. Some of them are hard to find in your regular grocery store, making them a gift that will surely be appreciated.

If your friends love to stay in and watch a movie or love to play board games while snacking, this box of snacks would be the perfect gift. There are a variety of options available online, so be sure to choose a subscription that promises authentic and quality snacks. Your friends might even want to subscribe themselves!


10-year-olds are exciting because they are becoming more and more interested in hobbies, sports, and pop culture. They are now exploring things that make them unique. If you have any ideas about what they have become interested in, then this is a good guideline for what gifts you can get them.

Painting, football, photography, magic, dancing, and so on are examples of things that kids this age might be interested in. Think about fashion items as well that may interest them. At this age, they may become more aware of what is fashionable according to other kids their age. 

Girls: Earrings

Earrings for kids around this age are a great option. Many girls will have their ears pierced by this age and enjoy accessorizing to add some extra pieces to their style. There are lots of cute options that can also play on their other interests.

Boys: Digital Watch

A digital watch is something that a boy this age might enjoy. With a fashionable and sporty choice, they can start to take on more responsibility and have something that makes them feel a bit more grown-up. This digital watch features an alarm clock, stopwatch, date display, and LED illumination.


9-year-olds are fairly similar to the 10 year age group. They feel the need to be mentally and physically stimulated at all times. They have also begun to explore certain hobbies that interest them.

At this age, it’s good to set examples of how important physical activity is for health. Try getting them items that encourage outdoor play or at least some physical play.

Girls: Kids Roller Skates

These kids’ roller skates are a wonderful way to introduce a new hobby to a child. These fun colors will make them happy to put these on. They’ll spend hours outside playing and trying to figure these out. Try to coordinate with someone else on this gift or splurge and grab some knee pads and a helmet to match.

Boys: Flying Light-Up Disc

This light-up flying disc is a way cooler version of a basic frisbee. The neighborhood group of kids will love getting out and tossing this around. It’s even more ideal for those autumn and winter evenings when it begins to get darker outside.


8-year-olds are budding mentally and enjoy things like puzzles, drawing, and playing ball. They also enjoy simple science and nature as they learn more about how the world around them works.

Some ideas for them include science gift sets for kids, outdoor games, experiences, and things to collect.

Girls: Crystal Growing Kit

This crystal growing kit is fun for everyone, parents too! This STEM craft activity will help them learn more about science while rewarding them with something to keep in their room and be proud of. This kit is particularly fun as you can grow multiple colors and have them light up on display once finished.

Boys: Science Magic Kit

The National Geographic Science Magic Kit creates a spin on magic while instilling scientific knowledge. It includes a wand and over 50 pieces to create fun educational activities.


Encouraging a 7-year-old to learn through fun activities is a wonderful gift for a child. From 6 until 8, kids have very similar interests. This includes making major strides mentally and physically.

Toys for kids are always a great option but you can add a little more purpose into those toys as well. Good gifts for children this age  include 

Girls: Clay Modeling Kit

This clay modeling kit is amazing for getting the creative juices flowing. Not only is the clay fun for sensory but it helps kids this age figure out how to mold things into what they want. This gives them the freedom to explore making anything they want from foods, animals, autos, and more.

Boys: LEGO Underwater Robot Kit

What child doesn’t want to play with LEGOs at some point? This cool toy is fun for kids and it helps them learn about logical thinking. When they take on the task of building this, they more about the creative process and following directions.


6-year-olds are at the cusp of full-on childhood. They are learning more and more about the world every day. They are developing some major social skills as they have begun school as well.

Gifts for kids this age may be something like an interesting and informational book, backpacks, cool pencils or notebooks, and other toys.

Girls: The World’s Most Mysterious Places

This book is heaps of fun as it teaches kids about the world. It discusses off-limits areas that people find bewildering. They will enjoy discovering and having these to discuss with their parents, teachers, and other kids.

Boys: Book of Paper Planes

This book on paper planes is super hands-on. It teaches them how to make 10 different planes. The paper is made particular to optimal plane making with different designs and colors.


5-year-olds are transitioning from toddlers to young children. They enjoy pretend play, games, and their own hobbies. They are growing a lot mentally and enjoy accomplishing smaller tasks like helping tidy up and “grown-up” tasks. In addition, they are forming new social skills as they are around more and more kids.

A gift for a child this age would be any pretend playsets, games, outdoor activities, books, and anything related to hobbies they’re interested in.

Girls: Togetherness Bear

The Togetherness Bear is a cute and lovable Care Bear. It teaches children about the motto “Love All.” This can help promote kindness to all with understanding and love. This is great for developing social skills.

Boys: Stunt Shot Remote Control Car

This remote control car can provide hours of entertainment for children. It features soft wheels making it safe for indoor use during those colder months. Its remote control is good for developing better hand-eye coordination skills.


By 4 years old, a child will understand a little bit about time, counting, colors, and more on drawing. These kids are creative and learn best through playing still.

Gifts for a 4-year-old could be books, creative sets, pretend play, dolls, and building blocks.

Girls: Real Kids Camera

Developing interests at this age is great for children. This compact camera is an easy way to instill interest in photography. This takes real photos that are stored on a memory card.

Boys: Cargo Plane

This cargo plane set helps kids learn about transport and real-life logistics. Other than that, it’s simply a fun time and a cool concept that kids can use to have pretend play.


3-year-olds are developing mentally and making more connections. They are able to communicate fairly efficiently through language and love to play.

Great options for gifts in this age group include books, puzzles, building blocks, creative toys, dolls, and pretend play items.

Girls: Bubble Lawnmower

The pretend play lawnmower is ideal for outdoor and indoor play. They can utilize it to pretend they are mowing the lawn. Plus, it doubles as a bubble blower for extra fun.

Boys: Wooden Puzzles

These wooden puzzles are colorful and interesting for kids this age. They help build spatial awareness, fine motor skills, teach shapes, numbers, and colors. In addition, they’re made of safe wood that’s better and safer for children this age.


2-year-olds are developing mentally at super-fast rates. They are beginning to use words to communicate and prefer to learn through play. They enjoy helping out around the house with tasks and learning how to be more independent.

Great toys for a 2-year-old would include coloring books, play dough, pretend playsets, books, and outdoor games.

Girls: Finger Paint Set

The Crayola finger paint set allows for a mess-free play while letting a little one explore paint. This is great for exploring colors and creativity.

Boys: Number Train

This number train comes in 23 pieces. As they assemble it, they will learn how to count up to 9. Once it is assembled, the train is good for pretend play around the house.


1-year-olds are transforming into tiny toddlers. They are just realizing the concept of pretend play, recognizing words, and are interested in learning more independence.

Good ideas for 1-year-olds are books, ride on cars, mega blocks, balls, name puzzles, and play instruments.

Girls: Play Instruments

Little ones will enjoy making noise with their instruments and discovering new sounds. There are several different instruments in this set to enjoy. This set is crafted with wood to create a safer play. It also comes with a cute bag to carry them and store them in.

Boys: Truck Shape Sorter

This wooden truck shape sorter teaches children how to recognize shapes. It’s great for pretend play and encouraging interactive play with parents. This cement truck is also a cool concept that not many consider.

Best Gifts for Kids Under 10

Kids will enjoy any gift that they receive! With these gifts for kids under 10, you’ll have a better guide on what is suitable for that age group.

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