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Going Solar: 5 Pleasant Surprises About Installing Solar Panels at Home

According to the Pew Research Center, only about 6% of homes in the U.S. are powered using solar panels. About 46% of American homeowners have considered making the switch to solar power in the last year, however.

Are you considering installing solar panels on your home? If you are, there are a few perks of doing so. Keep reading to learn what they are. 

1. Add to Your Home’s Value 

One of the best things about solar panel installation is how it adds value to your home. More people are looking for smarter technology and eco-friendly homes. 

Solar panels will add immediate curb appeal to your home by lowering your carbon footprint. This is a great thing if you’re considering selling your home at a later date.

Having a home with solar panels means you can sell it at a more competitive price. You’ll also be more likely to find a fast buyer when you have solar panels.  

2. Save on Your Energy Bill 

While you might consider installation costs expensive, saving money with solar panels is possible. One way to save is with a lower energy bill. 

You can offset the upfront costs of installation with the free energy you’ll get from the sun. You’ll start seeing a lower utility bill within the first month after solar panel installation.

You might not have to pay anything in energy bills once you’ve had your panels for a few months. It’s easy to collect and store energy for later use. 

3. Receive Tax Credits

If you’re wondering what to expect from solar panels, you should know most installation companies offer tax credits. These tax credits come from the state and federal levels. 

When you file your yearly taxes, you’ll receive a percentage of what you paid for solar panel installation back. This, with all the money you’re saving on your energy bill, will help you pay off your solar panels in no time. 

4. You’ll Receive a Long Term Warranty 

While you might be worried about maintenance fees for repairs, one thing you might not know is that residential solar panels come with long-term warranties. Solar panels are made from durable materials to withstand all kinds of weather.

They aren’t easily broken but if they are, most solar panel installation companies provide anywhere from 10 to 20-year warranties for repairs or replacement if needed.

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5. You’ll Create More Jobs

Another surprising thing about installing solar panels on your home is how it’ll help your local economy. Your interest in solar panels will help increase other homeowners’ interest in solar power.

The demand will lead to more job openings in the industry. These higher-paying jobs will boost your city’s economy. 

The Perks of Installing Solar Panels on Your Home

There are many surprising perks of installing solar panels on your home. They can add value to your home and will also create more jobs in your community. 

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