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Is Solar Panel Installation a Good Fit for My Home?

Are you on the fence with solar panel installation?

Over 4% of American homes use solar energy. However, most professionals forecast this value to triple within the next decade. Investing in solar is lucrative, but it’s not for everybody.

How do you know whether going green with solar panels is for you? Read on as we discuss some factors to consider to determine its value to your home:

Electricity Spending

The most impactful factor in saving solar panels is your current electricity spending. The more costly your electric bill, the more valuable your solar panel system becomes.

Switching to solar power in a state with high electricity rates makes it more valuable. Contacting a solar panel installation company sooner allows you to reap more yearly savings. An example of a reputable company is Blue Raven Solar.

Home Ownership

What type of home are you living in right now? Do you own or rent your abode? Asking these questions is vital before getting in touch with a solar panel installation service.

After all, it determines the ease of the installation process. As a general rule, installing solar panels on your home is more difficult when you don’t own the property. On-site solar power isn’t ideal when renting an apartment or living in a multi-family area.


The number of new solar installations jumped by 43%. Most of these are roof-based systems due to their convenience. If you want this type of solar panel setup, your roof must meet some key factors.

First, determine the age of your roof. Solar panel systems last for around three decades, meaning they should last long enough as well. If it’s already near its end of life, replace it.

After that, think about the material since it impacts how easy the installation becomes. Avoid slate and wood since they’re brittle. It’s hard to find a solar company with specialized equipment and skills to do the job.

Your roof size also contributes to your eligibility. Solar panel systems need sizable space. As such, your roof must be free from obstacles like vents.

The roof must have the proper tilt since a steep installation produces less electricity. The optimal angle is between 30 to 45 degrees.

Lastly, your roof’s orientation affects the amount of electricity your solar panel system produces. Ideally, it should face south to get maximum sunlight exposure. It only applies to solar panels located in the Northern hemisphere.

The good news is this orientation isn’t mandatory. East and west-facing solar panels often get enough solar energy to make it worthwhile.

Consider Solar Panel Installation Now

These are some factors determining whether a solar panel installation is worthwhile. Use these to guide your decision and get the most out of your investment.

However, your choice of solar panel installation service affects your savings. Look for a reputable company in your area. Ask for recommendations and read online reviews to avoid scams.

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