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How to Select Scent Diffusers for Homes: What You Need to Know

The global fragrance diffuser market is expected to reach a value of $27.75 billion by the end of 2022. 

The popularity of scent diffusers continues to grow as more people learn about the health and enjoyment benefits of these diffusers. The only problem is figuring out which diffuser to get.

Here are some things to think about when you’re wanting to select scent diffusers for homes, offices, and more. 

Type of Diffuser

There are a few options for scent diffusers to choose from. Some use electricity to disperse the scent, while others absorb potent forms of the scent and release it into the air. 

These are the most popular types of scent diffusers:

  • Reed diffusers
  • Ultrasonic diffusers
  • Nebulizing diffusers
  • Heat diffusers
  • Evaporative diffusers

Special Features

Some diffusers have special features to make them more aesthetically pleasing.

One of the most common scent diffuser features is LED lights. Some models let you change the color of the lights, while others let you change the flashing pattern. 

Another popular feature is a timer that turns off the diffuser when it’s done. This helps reduce the chance of the scent becoming too potent for the space if you forget to turn it off. It also helps you stop yourself from accidentally using up the source of your scent. 

Room Size

It’s best if the scent diffuser stays in one room so you can get one that’s the right size. 

The scent diffuser can only release so much scent at a time. This means if the room is enormous, a small scent diffuser won’t make much difference. And a powerful diffuser in a small room will be too potent. 

Most diffusers include recommendations for what size of space they should be kept in. Make sure you consider this before committing to one. 


When comparing scent diffuser costs, keep in mind how complex the diffuser is. While there’s going to be some variation, it might still be a good price if it’s going to last for hours, diffuse a strong scent, and shut itself off afterward. 

Think about how much use to plan to get out of the diffuser as your main metric of whether or not you think it’ll be worth the price. 

Consider the source of the scent. Some diffusers are only single-use, while others use an external source like essential oils for their scent. Factor this into your cost if you get one of these types of diffusers. 

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Read Reviews

Once you’ve settled on a scent diffuser you think you’ll like, check out its reviews. Try to find reviews from a few different sources to get the widest pool of opinions. Look on social media, Google reviews, and website reviews. 

When you’re reading online reviews, look out for comments about how well the scent lasted in the air, how often people needed to replace the source of the scent, and whether they thought it was worth the money. 

How to Select Scent Diffusers for Homes

When you consider these elements, you’re going to make a great choice when you select scent diffusers for homes, offices, or even outdoor areas. 

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