3 Top Tips for Finding a Gift the Teen in Your Life Will Love

Shopping for teenagers is tough. Isn’t it easier to just hand them cash and let them be on their way? Yeah, sure. But everyone deserves to feel loved and important, especially during the holidays, and a thoughtful gift they get to unwrap goes a lot farther than cash or gift cards. 

Finding the perfect gifts for teenagers doesn’t have to be a complete shot in the dark. We’ve rounded up the top three tips for choosing a gift that will light them up this holiday season.

1. Gift Them Something That Will Impress Their Friends

The last thing any gifter wants to do is choose a present that will be hidden away in the back of the closet. Or, the biggest fear of all, gifting a present that they’ll regift like a costly hot potato. One way to ensure that doesn’t happen to you is to give them something that will impress their peers. High school can be a hard time, and being able to fit in while simultaneously expressing individuality is a top priority for most high school kids. Help them in their mission with a gift that will start conversations and not get tossed into the corner of never-to-be-seen-again things every teenager has. 

Not sure what’s “cool” these days? Shoes are an excellent, no-fail place to start. They’re usable and coveted, and you can find shoe gift ideas without intimidating price tags. You can’t go wrong.

2. Show You Know Them

No matter what you gift, do your recon first. Now is the time to start paying close attention to what your teenager already loves and wears. If you live farther away and don’t have the benefit of regularly seeing them, make a call to someone who does. Knowing what they’re into and reflecting that knowledge in their present shows that you’re paying attention.

Gifts can backfire pretty quickly when the recipient unwraps their package to find a remnant of eras past. It’s always safest not to assume that something they were obsessed with last year is still a favored topic. Kids change fast, and trends change even faster. Show them you know and love the person they are today with a well-researched gift.

3. Add a Personal Touch

The holidays are about celebrating the people we love. Gifts are an important reminder that you value a person enough to put effort into picking out something you know they’ll like. But showing someone that you care requires a personal touch, too. Display your love to those on your shopping list this year with something that can’t be bought. 

A hand-written card adds sentimentality to any gift and gives the season its sparkle. High school kids may seem tough and aloof, but underneath their too-cool-for-you exterior, they’re just young people figuring out life and looking for love and acceptance like the rest of us. A thoughtfully written note will go a long way.

The Perfect Gift for Teenagers

With these three tips to guide you in the holiday busyness ahead, you’ll be fully prepared to pick out a gift for teenagers in your life. Gifts that will not force them to “remember to smile and say thank you” but will accomplish the ultimate goal of the season: to show those you love that you care. 

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