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How to Choose the Best Vinyl Plank Flooring Colors

Mistake or luxury? You decide.

Much of the stuff we buy for our home isn’t a luxury item, but an economic decision. Rather than use something like tile in our bathroom, we use less expensive vinyl plank flooring.

Despite the economic value of this kind of flooring, it’s important to evaluate the colors you use in any room. If your flooring choice is a mistake, it may be a mistake you make with colors.

Listening to experts can make all the difference. Read on as we discuss how to choose vinyl plank flooring colors.

Think About the Color Scheme of Your Existing Furniture and Decor

The color of your flooring can greatly impact the overall aesthetic and feel of a room, so it’s crucial to consider how it will complement or clash with your current decor. Pay attention to the primary colors in your furniture and decor and try to choose a flooring color that will complement, rather than compete with, these colors.

You can also opt for a neutral color such as grey or beige, which can easily blend with any existing color scheme. Remember, it’s all about creating a cohesive and harmonious look for your space.

Consider the Size of Your Room

When considering the size of your room, it’s important to keep in mind that specific colors can make a space feel larger or smaller. Lighter colors, such as white, beige, or light grey, can help create an illusion of space and openness. On the other hand, darker colors, like dark brown, navy, or charcoal, can make a room feel cozier and more intimate.

Consider the Lighting in the Space

The lighting can significantly impact the overall look and feel of LVP floors, so it is essential to choose a color that complements the lighting. For example, if the space has natural sunlight, lighter colors such as beige or light grey would be an ideal choice as they can enhance the brightness and openness of the room.

On the other hand, if the space has dimmer lighting, darker colors like espresso or mahogany can add warmth and depth to the room. It is crucial to assess the lighting in the space before selecting the color of vinyl floors to achieve the desired aesthetic.

Bring Home Samples and Test Them

When it comes to choosing the best LVP flooring colors, it can be overwhelming with so many options available. One way to ensure that you make the right choice is to bring home samples and test them out in your space. This will allow you to see how the colors look under your lighting, against your walls, and in comparison to your furniture.

It also allows you to see the texture and feel the durability of the vinyl. By testing out various samples, you can narrow down your choices and confidently make a decision that will complement your space and meet your personal style preferences.

Choose the Best Vinyl Plank Flooring Colors Using this Guide

In conclusion, choosing the best vinyl plank flooring colors is an essential step in creating a cohesive and stylish space. By considering factors such as room size, lighting, and existing decors, you can find the perfect color that complements your home. Don’t forget to request samples and experiment before making a final decision.

Start creating your dream space today by choosing the right vinyl plank flooring color for your home.

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