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Keeping Your Rental Home Pest-Free Ahead of the Holidays

Pests continue to plague Americans with approximately 14.8 million households reporting the presence of rodents in their homes, while 14 million reported seeing roaches in their house. Although pests can invade a house at any time, the last thing any landlord or tenant wants to deal with is a pest infestation during the holidays. Not only can the presence of roaches, rats, or spiders put a damper on the festivities, but it can also pose a risk to the health and well-being of the residents. Thankfully, there are a number of things you can do to ensure your rental home stays free of any unwanted guests these holidays.

Focus on Your Christmas Trees

Regardless of whether you are planning to put up a real tree or an artificial one this Christmas, it is important to realize they have a reputation for attracting a large variety of pests including roaches, spiders, flies, and ants. If you are bringing in a real tree you might also have to contend with bark beetles, aphids, and mites. Although many pests are automatically eliminated when temperatures start to drop, it is better to take some precautionary measures to prevent an infestation than to try and get rid of one while everyone else is enjoying the holidays. Give real trees a decent shake before bringing them inside and check the trunk for any sign of life. It is also recommended to put your tree in the garage for a day before decorating it. The secret to keeping an artificial tree pest-free is to store it in a bug-proof box or bag. Before putting it up, give it a good shake or use your vacuum cleaner to rid it of any bugs.

Keep the Kitchen Clean

When you signed your lease agreement, your landlord would have explained your responsibilities as a tenant to you. These responsibilities typically include keeping the property free of pests. During the holidays we spend more time than ever in the kitchen baking, mixing, and messing. Add the warmth of your kitchen to the equation and it becomes the perfect abode for pests of all sizes. The easiest way to keep your kitchen pest-free is by ensuring it is clean. Keep all your food items sealed to eliminate any easy access to a food source. Don’t leave any prepared food uncovered and clean up any spills and other messes as they occur. It is also important to take your trash out frequently as your trash can serve as food and a breeding space for a variety of pests.

Take Care of Your Firewood

If you live in the colder parts of the country you will agree that a roaring fire is as much part of your holiday setup as the Christmas decorations are. As much as a fire can contribute to a festive ambiance, the firewood can provide pests with an easy ride right into the comfort of your home. Reduce the risk of your wood being responsible for a pest infestation by storing it off the ground and away from the house. If possible, also try to keep it covered to make it more difficult for especially larger pests such as rodents to find their way in. Before bringing your wood inside, shake it off properly and get rid of any visible spiderwebs or creepy crawlies.

The holiday season is the most beloved time of the year for many people. With a bit of effort, your rental home will not only be festive, but pest-free too.

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