Footwear needs to be comfortable. At the same time they need to be great in looks so that the kids would want to wear them. When kids choose a footwear, they firstly go by the looks. Its the job of the parents to consider factors like the comfort and material which would be friendly for the kids.

There are various Brands that have come up showcasing some good collection when it comes to Kids footwear. The prices are different for each one of them and there is something for each segment and class of kids. Girls and Boys both get to choose from a wide array of footwear styles.

The following are the criteria’s which can be considered while shopping for kids footwear irrespective of the gender.


For girls there are options of fancy sandals, Booties, slippers. Boys too get varieties in Flip Flop, Sandals, formal and casual shoes etc. Sneakers and sport shoes can be bought for the active kids. School shoes do not give you much variants because they are pretty much simple to go along with the school guidelines.


Considering the age of th kid while buying him or her a new footwear is very important. For infants we have the option of booties and knitted shoes. For toddlers you can buy soft material shoes, sandals and other available options which would provide enough comfort to the kid. Even while buying kids footwear on online portals, you get the bifercation of buying it age wise so that you do not end up with the wrong products which wouldn’t be of any help to the kid. Kids footwear is categorized in terms of new borns, months and then years.


This might not be very essential but can be taken into account sometimes. There are many seasons of sales which come up every now and then.


You can buy kids footwear on the basis of colours. For girls colours like red, pink, purple, white look elegant. Boys like blue, black and other dark colours.


Popular kids footwear brands are Cute walk by Babyhug, Disney, Flipside, Kitten’s shoes, Crocs etc. Gini & Jony and Mom & Me are also very relaible when it comes to footwear. Avengers, Brabie, Marvel collection, Looney tunes, Nickelodean Pikaboo and many more such brands too give many options to choose from.


Footwear for kids needs to be very comfortable and soft on their feet. Available materials are Canvas, Fabric, Synthetic, Rubber, Leather and Mesh. There are footwear made of plastic which come up in the market during the rainy season. These can be hard on the delicate skin of the kid and should be avoided as far as possible.

It is said that a kids preferences are somewhere related to the parents. Hence from the start the kid should be guided about the advantages and dis advatages of each component so that they never make the wrong choices!!

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