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Methods to Prevent from the Affects of Initial Winters

As the winter season starts, the temperature drops which further results in lots of health risks. This change in the weather affects physical as well as mental health of individuals. Actually, the season brings lots of risks, especially for the adults and children. The winter season raises the hitting bill and chills the bones of a human being. Lots of health issues arise with the beginning of the winter season like asthma, cold sores, painful joints, heart attacks, norovirus and more.

In fact, the cold or dark days of the winters result in the seasonal affective disorder. The skin becomes dry in the cold climate as the humidity is low inside as well as outside. Hence, one should have to take care of themselves in order to keep away the health risks which arise as the winter starts.

Here, are some of the tips that will help the people in preventing from the initial affects of winters:

  • Eat Healthy Food: The cold weather brings the chance of the cold and flu along with it. In fact, the sudden change in the weather will affect lots of people. Hence, there is a need to eat healthy food like fruits and vegetable on regular basis. This is necessary as it supports the immune system of people.
  • Keep Hands Clean: This is one of the simplest ways which help the people in getting rid of the cold and flu germs. Hence, clean your hands regularly especially before eating anything, preparing food and when you come from the outside.
  • Switch the Walk from Morning to Sunny time as the season changes: The winter time is the season for heart attack. During the cold days, the temperature falls and arteries become constricted which make it difficult for the heart to pump the blood. Hence, it is good to avoid the walk in the chilly morning and go for it as it is sunny outside.
  • Wear Warm Clothes: There is a need to choose the clothes with care as the people also have to go outside the home. It is necessary for health because the body needs to maintain its vital heat and proper clothes will help the people to avoid cold weather health issues like frostbite, hypothermia, and others.
  • Light Therapy: In the cold months, there is lack of sunshine and body, as well as the brain of people, need vitamin D in order to function properly. Hence, one should have to go outside in the sun for at least one hour a day. But in the winter time, maximum days are cloudy hence light therapy is the best alternative to the sunshine. In this therapy, the LED lamp having 10,000 lux endows bright light which mimics the rays of the sun.


The winter season is the time to enjoy the snowfall, to do fun and celebrations. Hence, let the diseases away in this winter in order to experience the chilly days. Actually, one should have to take a little care as the season starts to keep these diseases out of their life.

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