Moving to DC? Here Are a Few Places Worth Knowing

There’s an endless amount of things that may be bringing you to our nation’s capital. It could be your start in a promising political career, to work at any of the amazing museums or monuments, or maybe when you were visiting some friends, a few Georgetown apartments caught your eye and now you can’t stop thinking about a quaint life in that neighborhood.

Whatever brings you to town, here’s a list of a few must-see local spots that you are sure to love once you see them.

Library of Congress

If we attempt to understand what the future might look like, we must first understand our past. What better place to understand our country’s history than the Library of Congress? It is the largest library in the world and the oldest federal cultural building in the United States. Held within you can find an endless collection of books, recordings, photographs and maps all to help you better understand the history of DC and also the country as a whole.

As a local, you’ll be able to explore seemingly endless collections, take part in the National Book festival, and attend events such as author readings and free musical performances. Another must-see for any local is the American Folklife Center which focuses on preserving the traditional songs and culture of American folklife.

Eastern Market

Found in the Capitol Hill neighborhood, often considered one of the most charming areas in the city, the Eastern Market is housed in a brick building dating back to the 1800s which unfortunately suffered from a severe fire in 2007. Thankfully, it was reopened in 2009 and once again lived its purpose as a public market for the residents of Washington DC.

As a local, it’s hard to bear stopping in for a quick lunch or making a regular plan to do as much of your grocery shopping there as possible.

It comprises multiple markets and event spaces each offering local goods to residents. The South Hall, for example, offers fresh produce, flowers, meats and cheese, while The North Hall contains an arts and community center where events such as meetings, weddings, and dance classes are held.

Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum

There are few things in life more fascinating than flight and space exploration. While this might sound like something for a tourist to see, and it is, being a local will allow you to visit every inch of this amazing museum and see each new exhibit as they arrive into the museum.

Exhibits are always changing and keeping up with their website will allow locals to know what’s coming and make the perfect weekend plans around their excitement for learning how flight has impacted wars, technology, and everyday for normal americans.

No matter where your interests lay, you are sure to find something that captivates you. For those looking to learn more about the earliest days of flight, you can find that there. You can also find your next big passion be it the moon, World War II, or even the amazing time that was the space race.

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