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Our Favorite Fall 2020 Celebrity Street Style Looks

Savvy celebrity style watchers know that true fashion isn’t just displayed on the runway or the red carpet – it’s also seen on the street. Taking your cues from these trendsetters can ensure that you’ll be wearing the hottest looks this season. Just hop online to seek out the latest street styles, whether you’re looking for where to buy Birkenstocks or how to combine everyday and formal fashion elements. If you’re stumped on where to begin, here are 4 hot celebrity street looks this fall to get you started.

1. Combine Sandals With Socks

The cooler months may make it impractical to leave your tootsies uncovered, so do as the fashion-forward are doing and wear your open-toed kicks with socks. Pairing Birkenstocks with brightly patterned socks is a look that’s popping up everywhere, probably because it’s a great way to be both comfortable and trendy at the same time. A quick online search will show you where to buy Birkenstocks as well as the stylish socks to wear with them.

2. Wear Workout Gear From Head to Toe

Celebs often embrace their casual sides (and show off their physiques) by stepping out in fitness attire, and they’re almost always sporting the right shoes for the look. Stars prove that you can still be glamorous in sweats and running shoes, as long as they’re the right ones. Footgear like Puma sneakers really never go out of style, and this year’s lineup of sporty kicks features unique color combinations that will help you look cool whether you’re working up a sweat or just showing off.

3. Mix Casual and Dressy Styles

Another big look that’s been spotted on the stars this season is the mashup of comfortable and sophisticated wardrobe pieces. Think pairing an elegant, lacy skirt with a ripped t-shirt, or a posh leather trench coat with wildly-colored camouflage pants. Perfectly stylish for day or night, these outfits are being worn with immaculately clean womens sneakers, which provide another element of casual-yet-dapper panache.

4. Sport This Year’s Top Accessory

Of course, there’s one accoutrement that absolutely everyone will be wearing when they hit the streets this fall. Are you thinking it might be Chanel gold chains or a quilted handbag? Guess again. This fall’s must have – as in really must have – is a mask. While a basic black face covering is always appropriate, lots of celebs are opting for surgical fabric or something more whimsical. Masks can be a great way to show your flair while showing you care about the health of those around you.

If you’re looking to stay on top of this fall’s trends, then following celebrity street style is a great place to start. From sandals with socks to the perfect sneakers, stars prove that you shouldn’t overlook the importance of sporting on-trend footwear. To top off any of these fashion-forward looks, don’t forget to wear a fabulous face mask. Pull a great look together by shopping your favorite online retailer to score the hottest celebrity streetwear sensations for yourself.

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