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New Season, New Do: Fall Hair Color Ideas You’ll Love

Did you know that about 85% of women color their hair about every eight weeks? Changing your hair color is another way to express your personal identity and demonstrate your personality. Now that fall is coming up; there is so much to choose from. So what are the top fall hair color ideas? 

Don’t worry; with this guide, you can find out! From ruby red to caramel highlights, you can learn all the best fall hair trends. 

Now, are you ready to dive in? Here’s an insider look at the best hair color ideas:  

Face Framing Highlights 

Face frame highlights are perfect for adding some brightness to your look without adding a lot of maintenance to your routine. In fact, it’s an easy way to make your hair stand out. 

Also, face frame highlights are great if you wear your hair up. You’ll get to see the highlighted front pieces in great detail. 

If you want to go all-out, make sure you get your highlights colored with an accent color that will accentuate your natural features. For example, like a warm blonde or a silver-grey tone. Although, make sure whatever color you choose is the center-piece of your look. 

Ruby Red 

There’s no better fall color than red. After all, red blends the glow of summer with the depth of winter. It’s especially lovely on darker skin tones since the depth of the red accentuates the warmth of the skin. 

Although, in order to get the best color, ask your colorist to avoid adding orange or violet into the red you want. Instead, simply ask for a true red that has a few browns in it to decrease the harshness.  

Caramel Highlights 

Carmel highlights are such a stable for a fall and trendy look. In fact, one of the reasons they’re seen again and again is due to the fact they can be achieved for so many hair colors.

Just ask your colorist for a subtle balayage highlight of about one to three shades lighter than your natural hair color. The highlights will melt right in with your natural hair, brightening your edges, and outlining your radiant features. 


Grey is a bold and statement color that will make you stand out among the crowd. However, it’s not as simple as a wash and go hair.

In fact, it can take up to 14 weeks to grow out in order to get the perfect consistency one would like. Some even add more silver tones or even a charcoal color to their hair to add some depth to the grey and make it pop. 

Try These Fall Hair Color Ideas 

If you’re looking for a new hairstyle to rock during the fall season, try the face-framing highlights. Not only do they brighten your face, but they’re easy to maintain. 

Although, if you want to mix it, color your hair, either ruby red or grey. Either color is perfect for the fall season and will leave you looking stunning.  

However, these ideas are just the tip of the iceberg. There are many more fall hairstyle ideas out there; just be creative and have fun with it. You’ll find your ideal look in no time!

For more fall hair color ideas, visit our website today. We look forward to helping you!

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